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  • revrnjim revrnjim Mar 2, 2012 10:28 AM Flag

    HEY prof4

    I just emailed varney those refinery links. I'm sure he'll get right on it/not. Why don't these so called "news people" know about this stuff. I think big oil's paying them to keep quiet. i can see the reluctance to even discuss nat gas on the air. there are "powers beyond the regular people" going on here.

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    • most news people are just talking heads. research never ends. some people think any information is better than no information even if its wrong. these so called news people should read matt simmons and colin cambell and yergin.

    • I kind of agree, the common sense part of using NG in the trucking industry has me scratching my head on why it hasn't been implemented already. I feel the lobbyist have alot to do with, but Exxon with it's last purchase has to know it's coming and they see the future. Like you noted it's bigger than us.

    • You are correct. Most don't realize just how "rigged" the game is. Lets remember that during "W"s invasion of Iraq, our soldiers didn't secure the munition dumps, or the priceless museum as requested by the Iraqis...our soldiers under orders only secured one Building...The Ministry of Oil building....That was the definitive moment of the war.

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