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  • tucksox1 tucksox1 Jul 11, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    CLNE's Cryptonite

    Is it really possible that, after decades of reliance on oil from a region that would just as soon destroy us if it had the means, the U.S. is going to inexplicably fumble away the greatest alternative energy opportunity of our lifetime? Never before has energy independence been so attainable and yet, I can't help but fear that The Sierra Club's fatwa and the anti-fracing Green Movement are going to "out lobby" a juggernaut of an industry. Despite the huge number of jobs that would be created, the numerous individual resource benefits, and the national prosperity that eventually would be realized by fully exploiting the bountiful NG opportunity, I simply can't put my mind at ease.
    After all, this is D.C. and the environmental crackpots we're talking about, meaning that blindingly common sense goes right out the window.
    At the end of the day, we'll just have to hope that economic/market forces are powerful enough to win out but sadly nothing would surprise me. One question that I have is, will the oil & gas industry giants sit idly by while the Sierra Clubs of the world spend tens of millions of dollars extolling the evils of nat gas and frac-ing, undoubtedly spewing a mountain of misinformation to scare the daylights out of people, or will they match the wingnut contingement dollar for dollar and not allow them to monopolize the message that shapes public opinion?

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    • Not to worry, here in N. NV, we have no CNG stations however just up the hill at LAKE TAHOE one can go refuel at the Tahoe Airport and get CNG!

      LOL! Besides, if the Sierra Club stands for the environment, then CNG is the answer near term and for as far as the eye can see until some other technology comes along that is affordable and can be easily made available to the masses.
      ironic, I get these RTC folks saying they want to fill those buses and save us from 30% pollution! I LOL! I say gee thats great, we can fill a 50 person bus (that averages 5 or 6 riders per route now!) and save ourselves from the pollution those 50 folks would create if they drove their cars ......OR, we could reduce pollution by 7,000 autos per day on the street in question by going to CNG if all we did was get half the folks driving down said street to convert! Hmmm...50 people per busload or EVERY CAR in the community? LMAO!

      Local RTC are unelected, yet they have spending authority. Gee, I wonder if thats a conflict of interest!????

      The GREENERs have their heads buried up their A_____ (fill in the blank) sideways on this issue.
      Sorry to rant, tired of RTCs putting in bike lanes on roads where the usage ratio of auto drivers to bicycle riders is somewhere between 500 (and 1000) to 1 . LMAO.....could a RTC engineer please do a quantitative/qualitative cost analysis and tell me this movement makes sense in anyway?
      CHINA is buyign cars DUMPING bikes and buses and we are being told to dump cars.......LOL!
      Oh and all IMHO of course! LOL!


    • Blame Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for voting down the nat gas act 3XXX, to protect his big oil Koch Bros. and their friends.

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