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  • whassup44 whassup44 Aug 14, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    What NO Flying J Locations

    New Fuel Agreements with Clean Energy


    Burgmeier Hauling Inc. (Altoona, PA) – CNG station to be constructed and operated by Clean Energy
    City of Long Beach, CA – LNG to be supplied to fuel their municipal refuse trucks, street sweepers and other vehicles
    City of Scottsdale, AZ – Upgrade existing CNG station to service their refuse fleet
    CR&R (San Juan Capistrano, CA) – LNG to be supplied to their fleet facility
    Republic Services – Construction and maintenance services for six new CNG locations and upgrades to six existing CNG stations
    Tidewater Fibers (Chesapeake, VA) – Station construction and operated by Clean Energy
    USA Hauling (Hartford, CT) – Station construction and operated by Clean Energy
    Waste Pro (Fort Pierce, FL) – CNG station constructed and operated by Clean Energy


    City of Phoenix, AZ – renewal of existing LNG supply contract for city buses
    City of Santa Cruz, CA – LNG to be supplied by Clean Energy for city buses
    City of Tempe, AZ – renewal of existing LNG supply contract for city buses
    Omni Trans (San Bernardino, CA) – LNG supply contract for agency’s fleet of buses

    Airport Shuttles/Taxis

    Chicago – Additional CNG MV1’s and Ford vehicles added to growing private and para-transit fleets
    Las Vegas – Additional vehicles ordered by Bell Transportation and MGM Mirage
    New Orleans Airport – New CNG station opened to serve airport vehicles and shuttles
    New York City – First CNG Ford Transit Connects and MV1’s deployed by private and public fleets
    San Francisco/Oakland – Additional door-to-door shuttles and vans ordered and delivered
    Tampa Airport – New CNG station opened to serve fleet of airport buses

    Trucking Companies/Shippers/Carriers

    •99¢ Only – CNG to be supplied for Southern CA fleet
    Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. – LNG to be supplied for their Phoenix, AZ truck fleet
    Land O’ Lakes, Inc. – CNG to be supplied for Central CA fleet
    The Linde Group – LNG to be supplied for So. CA and TX truck fleets

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    • I just showed what trucking magazine said
      That are not clne stations
      All most all are owned by some one else
      A sigh and clne saying they own are not the truth
      They just have a supply and management contract
      so yes you showed where they have this
      Have they evered made money?

    • lots of clne stations on this map........

      Its clear who trucking thinks is the owner
      These are clne two major costomers

    • i have said they may own 1 or 2

    • Robert, I think you owe the board an apology:

      here's your proof: sorry but the county would not format for me to copy screen

      assessment number: 177-04-701-003

      owner: Clean Energy, 3020 Old Ranch Road Pkwy 400, Seal Beach, CA 90740

      property address: 6980 Gilespie St. Enterprise, NV 89030

      paid for land: $650,000

      no mortgage recorded under Clean Energy with Clerk of the Courts

    • 1 st you have not proven they own the land
      2nd they are just under contract on all or 99% of contracts
      2rd on all new stations such as pilot they will be paying interest on loans as soon as they open
      They borrow money on all
      they are getting about 20 to 30 vehicles a day on new stations
      That will not pay the bill.Yes 1 or 2 stations may be doing well or maybe they had an open special
      they still have the problem that they are not able to pay back office expenses
      breaking even at the station does not pay their huge back office expenses
      6 ththe owners who own the land get most of the profit
      They been getting that 28 cents for a long time and loosing huge money because of huge back office expenses
      private statition get the whole profitso they probally need less gallons than clne
      When ng is big in 10 years those private statiions will be making a ton of money
      Clne has to win the bid again and may be 5 cents a gallon than with volume
      Would it not be nice to be a owner?
      5th they owe a bunch more money than borrow for the stations
      they went through their start up money in the 1 st few years and have been increasing debt ever year since
      6 the 28 cents proves that they just have management contracts cost of ng is what 60 cents a gallon.The owners get a lot more than clne

    • the $.28/gge was in the conference call......that was the "mark up" per gge. Clean also said in a prior call that they needed 4000 gallons a day for stations they operated to break even. Private fueling facities needed closer to 2000 gallons to break even since the private business covered more of the fixed expenses such as real estate costs, utilites, securtity, RE taxes, etc.

      Did you look at the photo evidence to see the traffic at this station, and it will only get better as more NG vehicles are added in the local market.

      UPS will be adding another 24 NGV to this regional facility by the end of this year. That should add another 2000 gallons a day to the sales.

    • taxes would not be proof as in many contracts they lease the land under contract
      and pay the taxes and bill for the contract company

    • you could be right
      This might be right
      The Us might have paid for it
      Wheres the proof that they own the land
      If they owned the building and land they would be making a lot more than 28 cents a gallon
      Was this 28 cents for this station

    • here's one.....Las Vegas ANGH location

      this link is for a camera at the site. you can look at still photos taken every 10-12 minutes. you can look up any date you want and page thru the photos to count number of trucks being fueled. the only thing I do not like is that the station has 4 lanes, but one two are visible on camera.

      please click on the link. once on the site, look on the left side and click on Las Vegas

      This is a free standing location built 100% by CLNE on land they bought in 2009 and own free and clear. This station has a long term contract to fuel UPS trucks, and is currently fueling 40-50 trucks a day. They also fuel 12 local trucks for CR Edwards Trucking in the LV to LA market.

      Station is reported to pump 4000-5000 GGE a day/ 5 days a week. Its open 24/7 but UPS operates few trucks on weekends. thats 20,000+ gge a week. I do not know what CLNE gets per gallon, but avg margin in Q2 was $.28/gal

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