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  • wskip99 wskip99 Oct 20, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    LNG Update

    and at what cost are these modifications you're proposing robert? not to mention the cost of the compressor.then add in the range reduction. how long will it take to pay for all this? and after modifying your brand new truck('cause your chances of finding a used one at this point are slim to none) if it breaks down will the warrantee be honored?

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    • as usual robert refuses to answer a direct question. back to the ignore list

    • I agree on all of these
      It seams you do now agree that their is no such thing as an lng engine
      And I agree their will be little to none covert ions
      and agree that for right now most long distance will be lng
      What I was trying to point out
      You have a home base
      Your using clne station now on lng
      You decide that you want your own station and use cng because its less hard for station and cheaper cost of chg and you can get it piped in
      You contact wprt and have them convert to cng your present lng trucks with an large order of cng trucks
      I do not think this will happen
      But I do think that a lot of companies are going to use cng
      You say have 30 trucks
      You add the extra tanks to new trucks and could sell lng trucks
      You would spreading the cost of the stations over a large amount of trucks
      You are now buying cng for 90 cents a gallon and with a lease on station at say 20 cents per gallon
      At those prices they will be looking at cng
      Cost of your own lng pump is more costly and you would have to have the lng delivered
      As I have said for years
      If the local gas company can run a deceit size pipe to you location than cng is cheap to put in and will be the winner long term
      Do you have gas at your house
      Are you getting propane at 50% to 100% higher than ng piped in
      That tells the long term for vehicles

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