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  • rbtsherman rbtsherman Jan 11, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    owning stations

    For the 10 time clne owns about 2 stations
    All the rest are just contracts
    clne says that if it has a contract to operate the station and own the pumps it owns the station
    Most including me we not

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    • robert,
      do you know the locations of those 2 stations? I'd really like to see them.

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      • P/E Growth Investor Peter Lynch
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      • when we had the government paying for ng they got a couple
        I do not need to know
        I probably have said all, so I will not repeat
        We just had too many people saying things that I thought where misleading
        Like owning
        If you say they own you should include what owning means
        Good luck to you

    • Lets look at what clne says
      product revenue 206 million
      Cost of product 162 million
      net 44 million
      I will show just a few of their cost
      selling ,general and administration 83 million
      bonuses in stock 16 million
      And many others,interest depreciation etc
      They would need to sell 3 to 4times what they are selling with no increase in cost selling gen admin interest etc to be even
      And this year they start paying interest on those stations
      It is a ponzi
      Now you have some idea why they do not bring up facts
      buy management got 16 million over their salary

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      • rbt, they have been feasting at the expense of shareholders, but no one wants to bring it up. You got that right, they have to sell billions of gallons just to pay their administrative expenses, further they supplement their salaries with a sell order each month. What a vote of confidence! Bravo

      • To all: I own a national trucking company based in Pennsylvania. We currently have a fleet of 260 class 8 trucks that travel approximately 25,000,000 miles per year. We are actively pursuing the transition to natural gas engines to power our trucks. We have tested the engines and this will work. All the non-sense I read on this message board about who owns the stations is meaningless. Clean Energy partnered with Flying J to put natural gas stations at Flying J truck stops. That was extremely smart and anyone who views this as a negative is wrong. The build out of the natural gas fueling structure is underway and I believe the trucking industry will undertake a shift to natural gas during the next ten years. I purchase 4,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year and during 2012 our average purchase price was $4.00 per gallon nationwide. A natural gas powered truck costs $60,000 more than a traditional diesel engine. Their are grants available that will cover 50% of that cost. So lets say the average truck drives 100,000 miles per year at 6 mpg it will burn 16,666 gallons. Let's say we save 1.75 per gallon, we get our $30,000 net outlay back during the first year. I still have 6 more years to go on that trucks useful life. Even without the grant money that is available the transistion to a natural gas engine makes sense. You do the math for yourselves and make your own determination regarding investment in the company.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • i like what ur saying there bobby! do u think wprt is a good switch for me?

    • a station is defined as a regular stopping place. in this case the station is silos, pumps, rubber hoses, and nozzles, and of course fuel and maybe an awning.

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