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  • cancerdotcom cancerdotcom Feb 21, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Clean Energy Fuels Corp. helped fund the food truck.

    NEW YORK—The first food truck 100 percent powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) was introduced in New York City on Thursday.

    Traditionally food trucks use propane or diesel for power.

    The food truck, from Neapolitan Express, serves one of New York City’s icon foods—the pizza.

    Neapolitan Express will serve up pizza pies in 90 seconds, using a state-of-the-art, hand-built Italian oven that reaches 900 degrees.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg sampled the pizza at City Hall Park on Thursday, giving his slice a ringing endorsement.

    “By using this fuel for kitchen operations and transportation, the truck produces three quarters less in greenhouse gas emissions than trucks that run on gas or diesel,” Bloomberg said.

    Bloomberg, a staunch proponent of using natural gas as a cleaner alternative, was joined by T. Boone Pickens, whose company Clean Energy Fuels Corp. helped fund the food truck.

    The mayor said adding food trucks with CNG technology will add to green measures the city already employs, including a line of electric and hybrid taxis and city vehicles.

    The only way to currently get natural gas out of the Earth is to use hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as “fracking.” The controversial process has been banned in New York State since 2008, although Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to make a decision once a health review is complete.

    When the mayor was asked if more natural gas-powered trucks would mean more fracking, the mayor defended the process.

    “It’s up to the governor. I have said we should be fracking, but not in the watershed.” Bloomberg said. “Of all the things we can do, nothing is perfect, but natural gas certainly looks like it can make this country energy independent.”

    Pickens, a geologist and engineer who made his vast fortune in the oil and gas industry and who claims to have fracked over 2,000 wells said, “There has been no evidence of anything being damaged.”

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    • a small AP article was printed in the star ledger nj 2/22/13. bloomberg boone and the truck. but no mention of clne. who writes this stuff?

    • A positive news while CLNE shares yesterday reached year's low and management continues selling their shares. Another failed stunt by Boone and his selfish management. "Energy Fuels Corp. helped fund the food truck." .How about "funding " thousands of conversions to make life long CLNE customers? How about reducing compensation expenses and buying shares on the open market to show investors that they really care about the future of this company!

      • 1 Reply to teach_162
      • sounding like a broken record....don't you have any better arguments? You act like this is a pink sheet scam.

        Folks like Vanguard, NJ State Pension fund, Balckrock to name a few that own over 35 Million shares, you think they give a rats #$%$ about you and Roberts constant bashing about stock options, who owns the station, mismanaged organization and so........give it a rest and get lost.
        For my money invested, the 34% institutional holding is the vote of confidence needed to stay long here. You sound a guy that bought at $24 and has watched it drop since then, instead of selling your holdings and waiting on the pullback.

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