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  • tradertoddusa tradertoddusa Mar 1, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    Competition? NONE!

    That's all folks!

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    • Well I like to think of this as a leader right? So, yes I mean I think it does we’re look there is a lot of competition there aren’t many people in the business though that adds the breadth in the vertical alignment that we do right, so for instance there are in a recent bids 67 people came out of the wood work to suggest that they can build station. Well fully 50 of those never built one before, now I don’t doubt that they can build one they might be able to but when you look at our offerings the fact that we have built more stations than anybody else in the United States and we have built more LNG stations that we have an LNG fabrication company, a compressor company and we haul LNG that we have three plans, you add all that together and it gives some it gives a lot of our customers comfort and that’s why I rattle through a bunch of those big players that we have at the beginning of my remarks, I mean that’s the reason we’re doing business with those big companies because they understand and we have history and capability and size to be able to meet their national roll-out needs that’s why we’re doing business with waste and we’re building an operating all of their stations today and a long term operations agreement, same with Republic we’re building all their stations.

      I like to think you get credit for our capability and ou

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      • A leader indeed. The three plans are crucial to maintaining leadership. The relationships with customers are crucial to the company's evolution. In the future, when servicing passenger vehicles, the concept itself will become a fad. IF PEOPLE CAN BUY A /NG PASSENGER VEHICLE, KNOWING THEY CAN FILL IT UP FOR LESS MONEY, AND KNOWING IT LEAVES LESS OF A CARBON FOOTPRINT, THEY WILL BUY IT! I sure will. The evolution of the concept itself is a no-brainer.

    • do companies bid if they can not do the work?
      Out of 67 there must be a few that can.So its the same ,win and little profit or none

    • A simple look
      My opinion
      for understanding ,not facts
      A 10 year contract
      Clne bids for a pay back of 5 years in investment
      This includes no back office cost
      Well right now their back office expenses are equal to their operating cost of stations
      So its simple their back office expenses are so high they will not be profitable for at least 5years or moree and that includes are huge % of reduction in % terms
      And at the end of the 10 years the contracts will have to be renewed at much lower mark up

    • How did my post receive a thumbs down. The trade was perfect. Now buy PULS if you can :)

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      • Did I need to say place a limit order to buy shares of CLNE @ 11.99? That's it, isn't it? Well I have been rather precise with PULS as the base continues to climb. It's going to break out... it's just a matter of when. Watch the action, put it on a 60-min chart and make sure that the 50-day MA doesn't get violated. It's quite simple to see that this penny stock traded on the NYSE is NOT a Pump-N-Dump by any means. Good luck to the CLNE players. I have a feeling there will be several days of short covering coming in the near future. Buy those dips and sell those rips, but you won't go wrong holding either. /NG is now

    • This is for you rbtsherman... it all started here. This is where I enter this board. You have been against my thought since. You have been wrong, just admit it. It's okay to make mistakes, but learn something please! Go ahead and lose your cash. I'll leave that all up to you

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