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  • stockjockguy stockjockguy Mar 22, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Analysis: Thrifty truckers wary of pricey natural gas vehicles

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    • Savings realized is very advantageous, and upgrade cost recovery timeframe is short. Once the major trucking corporations switch to LNG, others will be encouraged to follow to remain competitive.

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      • The article points out that customers are beginning to demand their trucking firms move to NG. Obviously they cannot make demands where infrastructure does not exist but when it does, some trucking companies that wait too long or refuse to change will be left behind.

        Big companies are under such public scrutiny that they fall over themselves to do anything to
        "go green." I think this might be one of the biggest influences on conversion.

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    • It goes without saying that Mom & Pop Trucking Inc. will be the last to convert to natgas power. When the day comes that they all jump on the conversion bandwagon (because the cost to do so has been cut to a fraction of what it is now), it may finally be time to sell CLNE. Until that time comes, it's still in early innings. Standard Oil & Ford didn't create the oil highway across America in a day, as Mom & Pop continued to rely on horse drawn carts. It's a natural (gas) progression that begins with those who bennefit the most, and then trickles down to the little guy in the end.

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