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  • fh3787 fh3787 Apr 8, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    shell and volvo moving forward

    Shell to install 200 LNG fueling lanes at truck stops throughout the U.S. this year. Clean energy needs a partner to make the big push pretty soon or their going to be left behind. They need some big bucks from some place to be ready when this change to natural gas starts to hit full steam. Shell, Volvo and these other players have lots of $$$$'s behind them. Clne energy doesn't have the money to keep up with these other companies at the present time.

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    • bought gely some years ago before they bought volvo. gely does not have a lot of cash but maybe their partners do.

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    • Clean Energy is the largest provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America and a global leader in the expanding natural gas vehicle market. It has operations in CNG and LNG vehicle fueling, construction and operation of CNG and LNG fueling stations, biomethane production, vehicle conversion and compressor technology.

      • Delivered nearly 800 million gallons of CNG and LNG to customers
      • Grown operations to fuel more than 25,000 vehicles daily
      • Built over 150 fueling stations
      • Installed and operated over 1,200 compressors worldwide
      • Managed over 50,000 hp of compression equipment
      • Built a field service force with more than 80 technicians nationwide
      • Opened 20 inventory locations with over $3 million in spare parts stocked
      • Developed two 24/7/365 Operation and Monitoring Centers connected nationwide
      • Opened two LNG production plants and developed supply contracts with others nationwide
      • Purchased approximately 60 LNG tankers making nearly 5,000 deliveries per year
      • Built and operated one landfill-to-gas plant providing renewable natural gas or biomethane to the grid and to vehicles and is building a second biomethane plant

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      • & don't forget, America's Nat Gas ts not the Shell Natural Gas Hwy either. I refuse to concede Clean Energy's impact & leadership to anyone, especially a latecomer oil giant like Shell. Plus, we've got energy icon T. Boone Pickens at the helm too. CLNE is the cornerstone of this industry.

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    • Clne has contracts with 650 fleets. One would assume that these fleets are actively replacing their fleet with NG vehicles. CLNE has 38 airports locked up and long term rental companies will be offering nat gas cars.
      As more retail customers LNG & CNG come on line, clne margins will increase. Large fleets have guaranteed pricing at cost plus pricing. With clne cost per gallon at .51, the more and faster the adoption of nat gas vehicles will help skyrocket the earnings. Yes with 348 stations not operating at full capacity, those costs are fixed and higher volumes will increase margins.

    • Good and bad news. Good to help the proliferation of NG?LNG stations and adaptation of NG, bad for clne shareholders (limited funds) and with the present management they are the only ones to suck money out of this company for their own wealth Vote, let them know how shareholders feel when CLNE sp lost 40% of its value during the greatest bull market and the only ones to benefit were insiders. Littlefair has continued his streak of selling. How can he face shareholders in May? Can he tell them the truth that insiders are the only ones to have reapt Millions out of CLNE while shareholders lost their shirt?

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