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  • lr9753 lr9753 May 6, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    clne up

    Shorts a little nervous this morning?

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    • That's going to depend where (in price) they went short. I don't understand why someone would short a stock that is showing trajectory as CLNE is. Maybe they'll be able to hang on to their position until WPRT gains some traction in the LNG area, but there is an awful lot of upward movement in the CNG area. And everyone should know that CLNE intends to report 20 mil in VTEC funds this quarter.

      I expect CLNE will report about 105 million in revenue, which would be modest increase in sequential quarter comparison of 4Q 2012, and a nice 40% improvement over last March. And I would not be short on that stock.

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      • Ok.....what are VTEC funds?

      • so we should buy the stock because one good quarter and Boone has said they will be no rebates next year and clne has said they will be out of money next year and they can not afford to do any major investment and may loose some already made because of no money
        Of coarse the government may bail them out
        At least thats who Boone blames it on
        So you are positive on the stock
        How much will they make this year/
        They have diluted the stock with converting debt of chk to stock
        So you must fell that they will be making money
        Could you explain why they say they will be broke at the end of year
        After all they have diluted the stock 10 fold,they would have to be profitable for the year
        Well maybe another 10 fold might work
        And if not that another
        There must be some amount of dilution that would do it
        Well if management was not robing there would be
        Some one buy all their stock
        Oh I an sorry in their charter they still would have control
        what can be down about that
        even if you owned 100% its in their charter they have control
        These guys are smart?

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