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  • fh3787 fh3787 May 9, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    Flying J Stations

    Does anybody no when all these Flying J. Stations will open up and start selling LNG ??? It seems to me like it will be a few years down the road. A lot of things can change in that time. Their is starting to be more competition all the time and does clne have the earnings to keep up with these other companies. Also the conversion to natural gas cars is awful slow.

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    • Conversion for cars: I, personally, don't think it will happen on a huge scale. But that's not what CLNE is all about. CNG will be used for buses, garbage trucks and the like and LNG will be used for over the road 18 wheelers.
      LNG will be the real winner. CLNE sold 34 million units (roughly a gallon) last quarter, and the LNG trucks are not really on the road yet, although a few are. As they explained on the conference call, everything is back loaded for the end of the year.
      I think they probably do (now) have enough money to make it through to profitability.

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      • jwtrice6 May 10, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

        Warren Buffett realized that if the truckers converted to LNG that the rails would have to follow to compete, as in price of shipping. A man that ships using LNG can simply ship for less, therefore the customer saves money, and the customer is going to go where he can save money. Besides that it is Americas product and clean, Example, UPS using lng can underbid Fed ex using diesel, therefore UPS will be awarded the contract. FED EX realizes this, they will be online soon, hopefully with clne

    • jwtrice6 May 9, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

      Robert Brown – Lake Street Capital Markets

      Good afternoon. On the natural gas highway, could you just give us an update on how many stations if you sort of have built but not opened and how many opened and then how sort of planned and how those turn on and rollout throughout the year?

      Andrew J. Littlefair

      Right, sure, Rob. We’ve got 70 that we built. We actually have two that will be completed here any second. We – as we know we’ve all talked about it on these calls before. We got to add of the engines because those engines were somewhat delayed but we needed to be really change the – the really the discussion between the shippers and between the carriers and so. We have 70 completed. We got 20 more under really construction right now. And another 34 or so behind that and that’s really an anticipation of the truck deployments that are going to happen in the latter part of this year and really in 2014.

      We can’t wait and I am going to answer your question but we can’t want until latter part of this year to begin to get the stations built that are going to required for the probably four full truck deployments next year. We got to work on that now. We have about 10 or so open and we have another like amount that will open over the next couple of months, but every time we get one of these fleets, we just started another one yesterday that’s taking another battery trucks that allows us open another station, for instance, we are opening station now in Coachella because the fleet down in Southern California they move hay around the region and out of the Port of Los Angeles they just taking more trucks that allows us to open that station and that will open in the next couple of weeks.

      And for instance when we got the announcement of couple of weeks ago about UPS, let me kind of use that as an example of what that mean so, you know you saw Rob that UPS talked about taking over the next year, so 700 trucks gone from a 112 to 800 and somewhat number. We’ve just looked at the impact of the trucks that are already on order that are coming right now, which we believe it was about 350.

      UPS is asked it wants to build four new stations and we’ll be involved in couple of those for sure, we hope, and that looks to be Memphis and Mesquite, but it allows us right now to begin to prepare and open up four other stations Mesquite, San Antonio, North Houston and (inaudible) so just that one fleet with 350 trucks allows us over these next two months to open four more stations and that’s why this is going go this year, but I don’t have a number for you right now that how many will be opened at the end of the year but it’s going to be backend loaded and we’ll just continue to open and as we work with these fleets to bring the trucks onboard.

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      • So 124 stations will be up. 10 open now. Soon to be 20. That's a doubling in two months. Then there's a huge sanitation truck load coming, pun intended. And the other sectors are doing well, too. Transition to more gas sales and less construction sales, as I understand. So Q1 is likely the big transition, and with sale of Chile jv too.

        Q2 you see many more stations opened, ramp up of sales from the first ten? Q3, the big lump of new trucks start to hit the road? Q4, begin to see fuller effect of huge new number of new trucks on road? Basically I see July being the last chance to jump in before huge upsurge in gas sales revenue. There was concern I had about price of nat gas, but it went back down quickly.

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