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  • stkopt Aug 7, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    Insder trading - PICKENS is buuying- Littlefair and Mitchel are selling!!!

    Littlefair and Mitchel should be FIRED!!! Buying on options at $3.00 and SELLING same day at $13.00. They would make good managers of CHINESE COMPANIES!!!

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    • to repeat an old saw, there are many reasons for executives to sell a stock but only one when they buy. If Pickens is buying at today's prices I am too.

    • "They would make good managers of CHINESE COMPANIES!!!"

      If that were true Robert would be here all day every day telling us how GREAT they are.

    • 188 institutional investors hold 30,130,224 shares or 34% of the company.........enough said

    • those are automatic sales says nothing about the beleif in the company today. They madey e a decision to sell a certain amount each month so they can sey need to wait 48 hoursell even when a window is closed before earnings report. plus they need to wait 48 hours....don't get to excited....chesapeake was a seller to diversify itself from all the deals ceo did before being removed........pickens wants it to go higher let's see what happens...he hates cheasepeake

    • other positive for this leadership
      They know how to get the stock price high and desrver these bonuses
      When the stock was $3 a share
      it net asset value per share was higher than it is today today at $13
      As you might not understand ,you need to have what makes the head lines
      So you dilute the number of shares 15% a year and you increase revenue 10%
      Than its reported increased revenue by 10%
      You just do not understand wall street and what makes head lines
      The chinese would get reported by a reporter for this
      But not our news show or MF
      Its an American company leading a change in America
      How dare you even bring up such things
      Its anti American
      What difference does it make to running the company

    • and I think you do not understand wall street
      If you increase the number of shares by 10 fold and every year can see clne does about 15% a year you can loose 15% more and still keep your loose per share the same
      So if you increase the number of shares by 15% and only loose 10% more,than its reported on wall street that you lost 5% less.They do not report that you increased the shares by 15% only you lost less per share
      Now that you know this you should thank the board and manaGEMENT FOR INCREASING THE NUMBER OF SHARES BY 15% A YEAR FOR MANY ,MANY YEARS
      It will show up that way in numbers soon,just look a MF, they are talking about less loss per share,no mention of increase in shares
      Thats why you have professional like clne management in charge
      They know the game,and if it means giving them sefs shares they will to increase the number of shares

    • well to be fair
      they did get these options when the stock was $3 and its now $13
      Of coarse they where the managers who where in Charge from $13 to $3
      No one seamed made when the stock was $3 giving them huge stock options for failing to $3
      They did bring the stock back and if giving them the options brought the stock back whose to complain

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