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  • noahtheboatbuilder noahtheboatbuilder Aug 11, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    station counts

    More lies from Robert on Station counts:

    BLU does have 8 stations at: Hurricane, Beaver, Myton, California Av (SLC), Gustin Rd (SLC), Jerome, Boise, Idaho Falls and Atlanta (Sullivan Rd)

    CLNE has 14 LNG stations, and at least 411 CNG facilites (as of July 20th). LNG stations are: Seville OH, Latta SC, Baytown LA, Dallas (Irving BLVD), Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Otey Mesa CA, Coachella CA, Riverside CA, Port of LB CA, Carson CA, City of Commerce CA, Tulare CA, LA County Sanitation District.

    Per conference call, CLNE also have 62 stations built, but not yet open, due to the LNG 400HP engines just started shipping this month. CLNE is working with UPS to get 8 stations open in the next 60 days..

    Keep in mind that CLNE lost only $.13 a share with all these stations built but generating no revenues. $100 million spent generating zero revenues. Once revenues start, profits will climb rapidly.

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    • The problem is they have no strategic advantage with all these stations. They are spending the money now with no guarantee of reward in the future.

      Once XO or Shell decides they want to get into the retail side of NG they will have triple the amount of filling stations in a year. CLNE will be stuck with CNG only filling stations that nobody wants to go to.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Very good to see discussions like this, keeps everyone thinking and doing
      there homework to arrive at a decision process be it right or wrong. Many story
      stocks don't pan out but the ones who do investors profit quite nicely with.
      I'm here for the long haul so to speak lol
      Good luck to all whatever side of the trade your on!

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    • Thanks Noah, its quite nice watching all these ducks line up in a row. Everything is starting to fall in place, just not as fast as we would all like.

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    • thanks for the summary; I counted over 200 stations to open over the next year. Plus, when they move from 500,000 gallons a station to 1 million gallons, those revenues will skyrocket. 50 percent increase in stations, 100% increase in gallons per station.

      Do the math, amigos.

    • i just counted on their we site a day or two You may know more
      Yes they are supposed to open around 5 more and could have
      They have been in business how long
      enn 6 months.With 411 cng stations .Whats going to happen to them when cng is piped in?

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