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  • kiteinvestor kiteinvestor Aug 20, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    2000 trucks every quarter

    If Cummins/Westport, and advent of Volvo engines next year indicate about #2000 trucks sold each quarter. And if Andrew from CLNE is saying he can open a station with 20-25 trucks. Does that mean that each quarter, the US of A can support about 80 new stations from all players combined? How many station are being built by Shell, Blu, Clen and independent others? Anything less than 80 stations being built means same store sales should climb. Does any one have any insight into same store sales increase at Clne stations?

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    • there is a lot more than clne into this
      rovided by the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance.
      Advance Fuel Systems Corp.

      Advance Fuel Systems, Corp. (AFSC) designes, manufactures, packages,
      services and maintaines Natural Gas Vehicle fueling stations.
      ANGI International

      Since 1983, ANGI International has grown to be one of the world’s leaders for supplying of Compressed Natural Gas refueling equipment in the CNG Industry. A specialized team of sales and engineering experts work with each customer to analyze and define their fueling needs, prepare sites and coordinate compliance to standards and codes.
      Applied LNG Technologies (ALT)

      Applied LNG Technology (ALT) markets and produces liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the western and southwestern United States from multiple facilities. ALT also provides LNG and CNG product and delivery systems, and executes turnkey fuel solutions that include equipment leasing, station installations, safety and training, natural gas production, low BTU gas processing, temporary fueling stations, and LNG and CNG consulting services.
      Chart LNG

      Chart LNG Fueling provides all the equipment needed for a LNG-fueled fleet — from the liquefier to the on-board fueling system. We not only know how all the products work together in a complete system, we have designed over 95% of those parts — so we know they will work together.
      Clean Energy Fuels

      Clean Energy is the largest provider of vehicular natural gas (CNG and LNG) in North America with a broad customer base in the refuse, transit, shuttle, taxi, police, intrastate and interstate trucking, airport and municipal fleet markets with tens of thousands of vehicles fueling at strategic locations in the United States and Canada.
      CNGas Group

      CNGas Group specializes in the marketing, design, building and maintenance of alternative fueling stations, providing a complete solution for the CNG industry, including sales of compression equipment, spare parts and completes solutions to customers purchasing outright or upgrading existing stations.
      Enbridge Gas

      For over 25 years, Enbridge Gas Distribution's Natural Gas Powered Vehicle Department has been providing natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations to Customers. Enbridge continues to be a leader in advocacy for natural gas as a transportation fuel as well as builder and supporter of natural gas vehicle (NGV) market within its franchise areas of Ontario.

      FortisBC provides complete solutions and services, from planning to fuelling station installation to support. We can even provide a turnkey solution, so you can focus on your core business
      Gas Equipment Systems Inc. (GESI)

      Gas Equipment Systems Inc. is a Licensed California Engineering Contractor and Certified by the Texas Railroad Commission for CNG fuel station construction and maintenance of CNG/LNG/H2 Natural Gas Vehicle fueling stations, both large and small during the past nine years.
      IMW Industries Ltd.

      IMW is a leading supplier of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) equipment for vehicle fueling and industrial applications. Our products include compressors, dispensers, storage systems, CNG parts and technical services.
      Southeast LNG Distribution Company

      Southeast LNG will work with you to develop the alternative transportation fueling solution that best meets your needs. We custom design and build the fueling infrastructure that properly aligns with your business, delivering exceptional convenience and cost savings.
      Trillium CNG

      Trillium CNG™ is a leading provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling services as well as a single-source provider of CNG fueling facility design, construction, operation and maintenance. We specialize in fueling fleets that require high-performance solutions.
      TruStar Energy

      TruStar Energy LLC is the preferred partner for commercial fleets looking to transition their fuel supply from oil to natural gas. TruStar Energy provides a suite of solutions making the transition as simple and easy as possible for the customer. With station builds throughout the US and Canada, TruStar Energy is a recognized leader in providing CNG infrastructure and CNG fueling solutions.
      USA Fueling Station Locations

      The Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) provides information, data, and tools to help fleets and other transportation decisions makers find ways to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures. Locate natural gas fueling stations in your area and learn about natural gas fueling infrastructure.
      Vocational Energy

      The Vocational Energy team consists of refuse industry professionals with over 50 years of industry experience. In addition, the team has experience planing and constructing over 50 CNG stations since 2002. Vocational Energy can train your team of professional maintenance personnel to maintain your station or will offer you a full maintenance service contract for the service life of your station.

      This is not a comprehensive list. This list does not represent any recommendation or endorsement by Cummins Westport of any of the organizations listed. Cummins Westport accepts no liability or responsibility for the use of any component or service from any supplier listed.

    • volvo is using cummins now
      so a switch to their own means more

    • shell just wrote down billions in losses. may scale back on things and concentrate on "shoring up" oil? Maybe.

    • 12,000 NG engines in total sold in 2013.......

      “Introduced just over one month ago, with great anticipation by many in the trucking community, the Cummins Westport ISX 12G engine will be the first natural gas product to be used in heavy duty applications, with the performance differential in horsepower and torque only 5% and 12%, respectively, less than its diesel counterpart,” said Citibank in its report.

      .......................The engine is already sold out for the year.....................................(GREAT NEWS)

      “You really could argue that natural gas-powered long-haul trucking just got started 12 weeks ago,” Mr. Seed noted. “You have competition between the OEMs, which is helping scale bringing prices down.

      I don't know how many ISX 12 G engines will be produced in 2014, but total new NG trrucks will be over 20,000.

      At an average of 10,000 - 20,000 gallons, this could add 200-400 new gallons sold.

      Every truck added to existing CLNE stations bodes well for the future.

    • in this 1/2 of year blue lng will build at least 40 and open all

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