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  • maui4me4now maui4me4now Feb 9, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    LNG is for Tanker Ships CNG is for Mass Transportation like Propane Saved Us In The 70's


    Back in the 70's when most of you day trading flippers where in diapers, we had a 'ARTIFICIAL gas shortage manipulated by the Saudi's in retaliation to United Sates Gov. I know, I worked for Arco. My best friends family owned a Large business. They switched all of the Fleet Trucks over to Propane and had access to as much as they wanted being that they sold propane. Same for CNG, when Pierce Transit in Tacoma WA switched over to CNG over 20 years ago they were ahead of the curve. Look It Up. It's a "Bolt on application to diesel engines" and the Chief mechanic said the engine life had more then doubled. The only thing coming out of the exhaust is water vapor. it's not possible to run thermos bottles on big rigs. CNG has to be almost frozen to transport. That's why they are shipping it to China and India in a Floating Thermos Tanker ship. I am in the New Car Business, you can ORDER A NEW TRUCK from Chevrolet or Dodge with a CNG fuel system right now. Look at Quantum Fuel Systems Tech Worldwide Inc, here's your "SIGN" the way it's going to go. Ford and other Companies with massive Fleets of vehicles have already ordered Thousands, yes thousands of fleet vehicles to run on CNG, that's a Fact. So Please put all of the SHORT idot Bashers on IGNORE. Stop replying to the PAID BASHERS, that only keeps them at the top and that's how they get PAID. As for me, I have been trading for over 30 years and have followed CLNE for many years buying on the dips adding to my Roth IRA position. Just my 2 cents. IMHO GLTA


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You are right. If CLNE refuses to switch to CNG from LNG then it is a mistake to buy CLNE shares.
      If they do declare openly then it is good to buy when it goes down further in my opinion.

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      • Table 3.3-1
        CNG fueling stations with the same compressor flow rate have different costs and/or vehicle fueling capabilities.
        Combination-fill stations will incorporate cost elements from these stations.
        Fast Fill Station I:
        Fast Fill Station II:
        Time Fill Station:
        Natural gas dryer, one 300
        scfm compressor, 3 ASME
        vessel high-pressure
        storage systems, 1 two-
        hose fast-fill dispenser
        (no redundancy)
        Natural gas dryer, two
        300 scfm compressors,
        3 ASME vessel high-
        pressure storage systems,
        1 two-hose fast-fill
        (with redundancy)
        Natural gas dryer, one
        300 scfm compressor,
        20 two-hose, time-fill
        (no redundancy)
        Component Cost
        Installation Cost*
        Total Cost
        Vehicle Fueling Scenarios
        15 light-duty/15GGE
        consecutively fueling in
        a 1-hour peak period
        Randomly arriving
        light-duty/10 GGE
        10 heavy-duty/20 DGE
        consecutively fueling in a
        1-hour peak period
        Randomly arriving
        15 light-duty/15 GGE
        consecutively fueling in
        a 1-hour peak period
        Randomly arriving
        light-duty/10 GGE
        10 heavy-duty/20 DGE
        consecutively fueling in a
        1-hour peak period
        Randomly arriving
        heavy-duty/10 DGE
        40 vehicles/38 GGE
        in a 10-hour period
        40 vehicles/33 DGE
        in each vehicle

      • its not easy to switch
        If you use the lng being delivered than your cng price is above lng
        How many station have a ng pipe close is not known
        So for most you can not switch
        Piped is the only way you can compete at most locations
        There stock would crash if they admitted they made the wrong choose
        They have a guess $200 to $300 million invested in stations and a contract for a lng plant of about 280 million

    • nothing you said makes any sense. the boiling point of LNG is probably somewhere around -300 degrees. good luck freezing it. LNG needs no refrigeration. it is it's own refrigerant. It does need to be in a thermos type container. CNG is nothing more than LNG already in vapor form.

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