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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Mar 18, 2010 4:05 PM Flag

    356,000 shares being bid on at $1.15!

    Yes, impressively, UBSS posted a bid for 356,000 shares, at $1.15, just before the close. Looks like someone wants to acquire some SIZE here. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO GO HIGHER!

    (Big city radio is turning around it always does, historically. And EMMS has considerable big city exposure.)

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    • In fact..if in your shoes, I'm not obviously, I'd buy another 2-3% of really seem to have a nice one...good job to u
      great leverage for you your concerns, as I read them from your filing, are being addressed well thus far

    • Traditional radio, imo, is dying.

      The traditional commercial radio model has changed. Americans have been using Internet radio, lately, and discontinuing traditional radio use. this trend is irreversible, again, imo.
      Internet radio( where the real advertising dollars have migrated to ) can pinpoint their messages to the exact demographics their intentions desire. Satellites ( which I've made lots of dollars on the last 12-15 years ) have also contributed to this mega trend. The advertiser does not have their message transmitted from an archaic radio tower to a select few, but rather a LEO satellite, to a large internet based audience.
      Internet radio ALLOWS advertisers to to 2 critical things at once: complete control over their content coupled with the programing.
      think about it, again, for a minute. Years ago Joe family went on a trip. they listened to the radio.( before the 8track)
      Now, they drive down the road: they watch dvd's, they do personal computing, they talk on the phone and text. WHAT radio they listen to is now,if THEY DO, in the case of Siris and others is specific national content, delivered thanks to satellites.
      Banks are not to excited about financing theses dinosaurs any longer, imo

      Citadel(200+stations), imo, is simply a proxy for things to come
      good luck your COBR and IMN look great!

    • Wow, hello 1 again :(

    • long here 4 a flier awhile ago selling out soon management is ok by me....the banks I believe are not about to help out this industry, I thought they might but most all of them are bloated with debt..That does not seem to be changing??

      the worst thing is the automobile vrs the horse and buggy syndrome: it seems to be finally happening
      folks who owned horse and buggy business scoffed at the automobile look what happened Same thing here?..They are helping the utilities oil/gas(the banks) but seem to want no part of a dieing industry. Many of these type companies flourished in the 50's and 60's. Satellites have changed this industry, and the biggest fact is advertisers(former clients) are advertising on the internet, not to mention once the economy rebounds electronic billboards will be the final nail in the coffin...imo tread lightly and gooday

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      • You've GOT to be kidding. Electronic billboards the "final nail in the coffin" for radio (which is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEDIUM)?

        You're out of your f--king mind. Advertisers like to advertise across MULTIPLE media to catch the broadest swath of people. As long as traditional territorial radio is delivering AUDIENCES (and, I don't see that that is particularly eroding, at this point), there is VALUE in the model. PERIOD. Sirius/XM is talking about less than 5% subscriber growth this year. Bid f--king deal.

    • I also noticed that UBSS posted a bid for 356,000 shares, at $1.15. Something is going to happen soon.I think this is going
      to $1.50 soon. Beauty of leverage. A two-way sword. Radio is a great place to be right now.

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