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  • pellemike0716 pellemike0716 May 2, 2011 12:34 PM Flag

    Still Stale

    Thought after the little boost at end of last week atleast some interest would carry over... Once again I'm wrong, Volume is still pathetic under 200k shares... I still own 13k at 1.11 and 7k at .97... Its just frustrating to keep holding such a stagnent play. I know as soon as I sell some news will come out and it will gap up.

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    • You are absolutely right. Just so hard to hold and watch volumes like 10k in a day when own 4 times that.

    • True different strokes for different folks... Keep doing your thing my man, and if you ever feel like giving me a loan let me know... hahah.

    • That's because the results were fairly "unremarkable." Pretty much exactly what was expected. The big issue is the hoped-for station sales, not whether revenue increased 3.5% instead of 7%.

    • And not one of you even comments.

      They filed their 10K but didn't put out any Q4 press release.

    • I'm actually a buy-and hold distressed investor looking for potential five and ten-baggers, or three-baggers at a minimum.

    • That is an interesting little strategy you have there... I only have 30k to work with, which is why I look for smaller stocks, and then really only try to make 10% return at a time... I through 10k at PETS, Looking for that 10% which means I need it at around 14 which it will get to in next month... Then with dividend stocks like this one, instead of cashing everything out, I take about the principle and leave profit in, to make some residual income from the dividend... If I had your kind of money... I would be retired by now. Wallstreetsurvivor, check it out, name on there is Pellegrinoprofits. starting bankroll 100k, now at about 360k.. Thats in one and a half years.

    • Thanks, but it's not quite "distressed" enough. More importantly for me, it's too pricey. Every stock I own was bought below $1 (except for Entercom) so I can buy minimum lots of 10,000 shares, and preferably 100,000 shares. Fortunately, Emmis came through today to offset my sizable loss on Entercom's dismal earnings release.

    • Got one for you my man... PETS, at around 52 week low only cause earnings saw decrease b y 32%, most of this decrease was due to increased ads to grow and solitify market share and deter new entrants into the industry... THey are very solid company I got in at 12.74, anything under 13 is a bargain in my mind.

    • CYS violates my first rule of investing: Only buy stocks that are "on sale" (deeply discounted in comparison to their 3-year and 5-year high). Based on the buyout rumor, I guess I'll have to hold on a few more days or weeks before selling a significant portion of my Emmis holdings, since selling would virtually GUARANTEE a buyout deal going through. It's hard to believe that someone (including Smulyan) would not try to buy the company for a slightly higher price than last summer's $2.40. With the company's assets, there is absolutely no reason in the world that this stock should be stuck in this trading range. Barring that, a spin-off of the publishing division would seem to make perfect sense.

    • You are absolutely correct... I'm not sure of your financial situation but based on your position you have taken I'm going to assume its a little better then mine... With that kind of money in portfolio, why not go the dividend route... Take a look at CYS.

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