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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Mar 1, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    Maybe This Is What We're Waiting On

    So were looking at a bare minimun of 195 days before delisting.

    Would someone please bid this up to $1.25 so I can sell and now worry about it !

    Or, maybe can tell me why we are trading DOWN ?

    A guy once told me CPWM was going belly up. Instead, its up 6-8 times and the alternative stock, HTCH is down big.

    ineedanewguru !

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    • who cares why? Just don't sell today if you don't want to.

    • Since when did short term moves in the prices of underfollowed value stocks indicate anything about their fundamental worth...and ultimate price trajectory?

      Did you dump all of your stocks at the March 2009 bottom? Of COURSE you didn't.

      You like to trust "price'" as an indicator of value, in the short run, when it provides you a convenient excuse to carp...which is kind of a chronic addiction of yours, it seems to me.

      if you absorb all of the publicly available information about this company, and do the work I have, you would not be fearful. With no guarantees...but at least with a high degree of certitude.

      You dwell on things I don't waste my time worrying about. The thing, perhaps, that is MOST important to me is that no one knows what these assets are worth more than the CEO. and he was willing to go through with a deal, 18 months ago, even though public market values of radio stocks had collapsed to a nadir, around the beginning of Sept 2010.

      Maybe I'm simple-minded and naive...but I personally like to focus on the things I think I can COUNT on. Especially if I think that the Street is pretty much ignoring those things.

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