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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 May 23, 2012 5:35 AM Flag

    What is the purpose of the group ?

    Why do they need to buy together ?? Couldnt they buy on their own without the plan and without telegraphing their intentions ?

    Couldnt the pacers owner just quietly buy as much as he wanted up to 4.99% ?

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    • In my opinion, this group was formed to defend the stock price.
      Smulyan does not want to take a risk that the price falls below $1 if the judge rules against the company on the preferred issue (on June 1).

      Also, I do not believe Smulyan can contemplate any going private transaction with Simon for another six months (six months from the 13-D filing).

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      • Simon putting a limit order in at $1.01 would solve the potential delisting issue. And he wouldnt need the group to do so.

        Seems an awfully expensive way to protect the listing or to accumulate shares if they really want the shares.

        I agree any transaction is at least 6 months from their last buy.

        But I dont think its on the table after 2 failures and his public comments.

        Lets be honest, Simon could have bought all he has bought for materially less had they not formed the group.

        Unless they just think it has so much upside that 50 cents doesnt matter.

        Here we come mid teens !


        Seriously, Im just a little skeptical about all of it starting with the other insiders buying before hand. Tiny amounts relative to their salaries.

        Almost like its all for show or something.

        But, I know little to nothing about the company.

        Just hoping LTF can make up for the losses he caused me in other situations that I put in a drawer like he said and lost my drawers.

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