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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Apr 3, 2014 10:37 AM Flag

    Knocking the cover off the ball.

    Astonishing results, really. Looks like we could trade up to $4-5, over the coming weeks/months.

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    • Why can't this #$%$ get any traction? Looks there is always a seller that has an abominable position he can never get rid of.

    • I've been watching EMMS from a distance for a couple years and have never pulled the trigger on buying any shares. I came so very close a number of months back when it was in the 2.50 range and I've been kicking myself a bit ever since. Now I'm getting close again but not sure I will or not. The stock's reaction to the latest earnings report is a little puzzling but I suppose it is nothing more than the overall pain in the world of microcaps overwhelming all else.

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      • it's just a little consolidation. EMMS has outperformed big time over the last year. There are profit takers out there. Just wanted to note that the short term and mid term relative strength indicator i use just turned positive a couple days ago. Mid term has been negative for a while now while the short term turned negative a few weeks ago. I'm happy to see the relative strength picking up.

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    • And yet we're up only a few cents midway through the trading day. We had the misfortune for the earnings news to come out on a day when Mr. Market, our bipolar friend, decided that, after a few consecutive days of happiness, he needed a good cry. How anybody could believe the rot about the stock market being an efficient machine that discounts news immediately (if not before) is beyond me. I have a full position and won't be adding more, though I've considered it. Feeling very good about holding this one.

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    • Looks good!! the quarters keep getting better and better. It's a good day to listen to some FM radio!

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