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  • rosen62 rosen62 Jul 9, 2014 12:26 PM Flag


    This idiot ceo continues to mastirbate his ego in each and every call with his massively cutting edge performance while never delivering to his shareholders. Everybody is down except his marvelous emms that navigates gracefully through extremely challenging and tough times. Yet, the stock has cratered and stays down. No matter how much amount of ego masterbating he injects into his speech. Man up Smuylan and face your shareholders LIVE and stop trying to miracously transform the Universe with your johnny-come-late schemes! What an idiot.

    The only thing he can show is a "research" showing how transformational this nextradio will one day be during this "landmark" quarter that has beaten all possible benchmarks.

    Where are the higher revenues (flat ex-purchases) and the accelerating profits?


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    • The CEO owns a big % of the company so he has some incentive to deliver to the shareholders. I do know that he got paid a very large salary last year, so that could be another reason the CEO is disliked so much. Putting all that aside, I think the company is generating good cash flow which makes the stock look cheap based on the current price. It would be nice to know if other radio broadcasting companies are talking about next radio because if it is going to be successful, all the broadcasters will be benefiting. Anyone ever hear
      another company mention it? I had always thought EMMS would benefit the most from it because they cleaned up their balance sheet and got rid of a lot of debt that was owed. With good future cash flows i would think they could pay down more debt and then possible pay a dividend or buy back stock all of which would increase shareholder value in the future. I believe you have to look at the industry as a whole and if you think radio broadcasting industry is an attractive investment, EMMS should be in a good position to capitalize on that. Historically, the industry has been out of favor with investors so you can't really blame the poor stock activity all on the greedy CEO.

    • You used three different versions of the word 'masturbate' in this post and managed to misspell each of them. That, along with your use of the word 'idiot,' is my biggest disagreement with you. He isn't an idiot, but he does seem to be treading water. I think terrestrial radio is in much the same situation as newspapers, frankly. I know from his previous posts that Longtime keeps an eye on the radio biz -- or used to. Maybe he'll be along with his take.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I retain a modest position here....about 2% of portfolio. (At one time this was a 10%+ holding for me.) Right now, I'm a seller at $3.25-3.50, and a buyer at $2.65 and down. I didn't like all the insider selling at few months ago, in the $3's. They apparently knew things were going to be treading water for a while. This looks like dead money at $2.65-2.95.

      • Well... I guess I couldn't contain my frustration. Yes, three version to prevent yahoo censorship but I see they don't censor the word masturbate. Considering the bonuses paid "for strong operating performance" yet nothing comes our way you are correct. CEO is no idiot.

        He, his company and the industry may be treading water but I do not think that is the real issue. In my view, the issue here is he talks sweet while he doesn't give a dam for creating shareholder value. NextRadio will never deliver the strong profits he envisions some day into the future.

        He simply does not want to deal with shareholders. Thus, the staged conference calls where everything is bright. In other words, he is telling you to #$%$ off.

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