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  • Eggplant101 Eggplant101 Mar 31, 2008 11:48 AM Flag

    why did they sell optical monomers for less than book value?

    why did they sell optical monomers for less than book value? Was it losing money for them?

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    • That's easy. They are a bunch of idiots. All the talent is gone, only left with idiots and people who think they know it all. The next question is why did they buy the balance of Baxendan for roughly $26 million. they owned about 53% already and the whole thing was only had revenue of about $70 and they paid roughly $26 for 47%. Wedinger is clueless. He has never run a business other than to sell it off. He may have a PHD and have a bunch of patents, but he is otherwise a business imbecile.

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      • So, Gilput, what exactly is it that you have done that makes you a genius or at least the world's best second guesser? Anything you can point to? Please don't come back with your mindless, vitriolic, sophmoric drival...anything you can point to that makes anymore mindless than Ronnie Garvie? I think the two of you have a lot less grey matter than Frankie. What say ye Gillie?

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