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  • doogle60 doogle60 Feb 25, 2009 2:28 PM Flag

    Just for your info

    I loaded up with a ton of NCX. Its was very low.Extremely low. And as many of you know they were just brought out- ( for a very low price by the way )- but I still made a killing. But what I wanted to stress was that at their CC their was no hint of any takeover. It was announced over a week after- so its not easy money. In fact, they often love to bang people out before any good news. Now CEM is also extremely low- my
    message to people here is to just be patient. I know its been awful but CEM is not alone. Hang tight and you will have your moment. At .60 its a gift, even with all of their problems. Someone will get them for a very god price- bargain shopping has already begun!


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    • Keeping the facts in order read the posts see when the new bashers joined--only when the stock reported its already known numbers...

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      • You got that right,

        Does Warren Buffet panic when a company has some bad news, nope, he gets some more. Just imagine if Buffet paniced right now, he is down billions on companies that reported losses (GE). He could take the market down even further, He hangs in there. Chemtura can produce again. Just time to scale down operations and dust themselves off. They will make their notes in July, before then. Its all cool.

        Some people panic when they see blood, and other are fearless. We'll se who's who tomorrow

    • All weak hands will be out I'm going to sit with bids in .30's all day as the day traders will too simple fundamentals on playing it back and forth from .20-.50 don't be fooled they will all dump out tomorrow and a month from now if they look back they will be sorry saw this on XRM as well they traded in April/May to a dollar and everyone said BK not going to happen I even posted it will hit 2+ and it shot all the way to 6... congrats to all that got in but the panic on some it to much if this thing was to go BK it wouldn't be till years end they are able to borrow more and sell assetts so they are fine load up tommorrow as the weak hands get out...

      Personnally I'm shocked to see it sell in afterhours below .40 they is just crazy but when things correct they always overcorrect proved by C and BAC both dipped to new lows and are insolvent then bounced back tremendous...

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      • You are correct there, NCX was going through the same stuff, Nova couldnt even get money from their govt. Heck our govt is bailing everyone out, even the Hamas. But the scary fact is, China will buy these assets, Chemtura isnt the biggest Chemical company but they are big enough for China. Now you ask, what would China want with a Chemical company that is on track to grow again but needs a little help, well the Chinese just love Americans as most of you know, and the way to weaken an enemy is to infiltrate them. China is doing a good job, go to Wal-Mart, where are most the products made? The clothes you are wearing, where were they made? Who has given the US tons of credit for all this toxic waste we have right now, China and Iran. You can call me a crackpot but China wants to OWN as much of America as they can. Who was one of the first countries looking at GM a few months ago, China... Not trying to be negative, just giving a reason why China will help if not buy this company.

        The weak will run, the strong will make it through this.

        After the China investment this stock will get back to a dollar, and if they buy them 2-2.50/share.

        Money in the bank. Mark this post and rub it in my face, thats fine cause it aint gonna happen.

        Bring on the 30's cause I am loading up

    • I'm new to the stock, do you think the price will decrease after earnings release?

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