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  • vanceee vanceee Aug 26, 2004 10:28 AM Flag

    Star bucks is a fad, can't grow much

    from here. Been strong for years but I think it's about to go down then stabilize in the low 30's high 20's.

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    • Shabba I saw he posted back to you but said OZ said it.

      bblor is obviously confused.

      No wonder he keeps thinking I said things someone else said, not me.

    • 5.3 percent. Oh boy. When you are hanging outside Starbucks holding your used SBUX cup at people asking for change by saying "maybe on the way out" do you notice the difference if someone throws in .95 cents or a dollar in change? Not a big deal to many people, certainly not to me. But if I get worried, I'll be honest and say so. But we can talk more about honesty on Monday. Be on time please.

    • A bit jealous are you? Touched a nerve? Oh so sowwy!! Now take a deep breath. Remember we worked on that earlier today? Think of your own special place, a mountain, beach or forest. Breathe.
      Now, what was that suppository line that whippersnapper gal threw at you today?
      Hah!! She got you pretty good. You were expecting a jab and she got you with a solid hook.

    • Time is much better spent with your spouse shabby. Maybe not a good week when you say the stock lost 5.3% this past week, so maybe some distance is between you? Work on your personal family values what you have face day in and day out in the real world. This is cyber space and not nearly as much your while. Most of you folks spend far too much time here. I'm retired and have expendable time, but don't do as I do, please put your life to better use if you can. However, if you enjoy the banter, tune in. It's much better than the real world 75% of the time, lol..

    • Oh and WakenBake. You'll need to bring two sharpened number two pencils and lunch. Leave the booze and Lithium at home (on second thought bring the Lithium, I'd rather have a zombie than a flippo).

    • You did so well with my "it's okay to be wrong" class that Monday I'll give you several lessons to help you get over your problem of, well, let's call it "not telling the truth." As someone who always tells the truth I am uniquely qualified to help you. So the course I'll teach you on Monday will be called "I really shouldn't lie." And you get to be the only student in class. Since I don't have your home address, phone number or email address I'll have to give you the lesson here, on this forum. This is going to be fun, painful for you, but fun for me.

    • Okay.

    • I don't know about your muscle. Maybe you ought to leave this one eyed monster and have your wife give it some work. You'll feel better too.

    • Cool, see you can admit when you are wrong. It's like a muscle, you exercise it every day and it gets stronger.
      Say it with's okay to be wrong, it's okay to be wrong, it's okay to be wrong.
      Ah, don't you feel better?

    • Ok...very pregnant and pregnant mean the same. I got a little descriptive. So, bite me.

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