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  • bigtoadtoes bigtoadtoes Dec 30, 2005 5:11 PM Flag

    06 Picks!

    Truth: TAVFX----- 54.86

    Darth: DROOY---1.36 (Long)
    FNM--------48.45 (Short)

    Bass: WPO--------770.00




    Tors: AE-----------22.70

    Toes: GE-----------35.42

    Abert: RIMM-------67.07


    NWD-------- 1.48

    rhic00: BYD----------47.30

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    • Thanks for doing the charts darth.
      There is something interesting to see here.
      It is not news, to quote the old saying, that a rising tide lifts all boats.
      But to see the effect in action on a widely diverse group of investors and their selections is quite awesome.
      Also note that non of the shorts performed at all.
      Not likely to in an uptrending market.
      The S&P 500 has performed magnificently recently.
      It is stiff up and this freighter badboy doesn't turn on a dime.
      However this coming week could be a killer week or a KILLER.
      So far the last few days for the buxter have been Borrrrring!
      Who can say what will happen this week.
      We'll soon find out.

    • Thanks, Spat! That was very nice of you! If you need any more info just let me know. It was a good
      idea and I'm glad you're pursuing it.

    • To be fair, i got smoked on my FNM short.

      FWIW, i sold DROOY a couple days early and will reload when miners correct.

    • I entered the portfolio of picks but could not get them to be seeable through a link - I'm sure someone out there knows the nuances of this better than me. But I did enter all the picks and start prices - - and I must congratulate Darth for running an impressive second place thus far with his pick of a little gold miner.

    • Spaticuss I like your idea! Tell me the a-b-c's of how
      to set up this portfolio and I will gladly do it. I think it
      would be great for everyone to be able to track the
      contests progress. A little help please.......Toes.

    • I'm not listed there and who else is missing? I'm talking about a complete list by your deadline you donkey dork.

    • Gosh Greenbean, don't you think that your girlish whines of "it'll never fall below $5, trust me....NEVER" sort of DQed you from being considered any sort of an authority on anything other than how to lose money? That reminds me of Whackaholic's Strong Buy of KKD at $24 and then $21. Where is it now, $6?
      With you two together, and throwing in Whackaholic's punkmate, blowme, I see great potential in SKDV, Soup Kitchens of Delaware Valley. Now that's a hot tip.

    • It is not true that insiders have been selling DDRX on very "blip" upward. To the contrary, insiders have been buying for years. Yes, they do hold a significant amount of stock which I would consider a positive factor.

      On institutional selling you are correct. They sold at significantly higher prices than today's price. New data required by law to be filed precisely 3 days ago will be available shortly. That would be a better gauge on what insitutions are doing at today's prices.

    • That's okay, little one. You just keep lying. I'll keep on laughing in your face as your POS, hobby-ass, should be arrested for impersonating-a-coffee-company ends up as an off brand "featured" in dusty airpots in a North Dakota C-store. Interpret that. :)
      You and The Whackaholic and his bunk-mate Blomoron are made for each other.

    • GB, you sound like Wakey/Bags/IDduJour, trying to "wish" a stock to go up.

      Give us something more than the "gut feel" method to convince us all that DDRX is a buy.

      Oh, by the way, your precious DDRX went up a whole .0004 today on a nice "up" day for the market.

      Your DDRX buddy, BBlabber should be concerned too as there were only 3,282 shares traded today in DDRX, way below the 3 month daily average. Bblabber says that low volume is the killer of stocks. Go check out his last weeks posts on SBUX. And we all know what a guru he is with stocks, wink, wink.

      Oh, by the way, SBUX went up .86 (almost 3%) on higher than average volume. It is also over $31 in after hours trading. That is so wierd, don't you think?

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