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  • brownj76543 brownj76543 Jul 25, 2006 10:07 PM Flag

    look out below

    counter trend rally into the end of the month occuring here...might squeeze some more shorts tomorrow, but, with the bad earnings out after the bell, ythis mrkt might have already seen the end of month run up...same store sales out next week...then earnings week after, this stock, for the first broken and ready for a real breakdown.

    the market is not paying for high p/e stories right now...chinese do not and will not spend on coffee like the idiots in this country...the extension of brand selling sbux is undertaking smells of desperation...and, the insider selling is huge!!

    all pointing to mid low 20's, quickly...then a drift down after a small bounce...stock will be a teenager by the end of the year.

    coffee is an adictive "drug" only a matter of time before someone sues because they can't stop drinking and spending insane amounts of $$$$ for the coco bean!!

    sell today and go away, live a much happier life!!

    insiders are never wrong!!

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    • From: Gary S. Gevisser
      Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:32 PM PT
      To: Gemma Dempsey
      Cc: rest;
      Subject: Chapter II...BLACK AND WHITE ....The Treatment

      Gemma, this hyperlink takes you to what I sent Mary who I assumed forwarded it to Elvis Mitchell.

      Even though you have never heard of me please take my word that I didn�t �get off a boat� just yesterday.

      In fact I arrived by plane into the United States 29 odd years ago this past St. Patrick�s Day; moreover, it would be foolish to assume that I couldn�t �connect up� all the important �dots� beginning with current day events that had these two screaming heads, John and Ken on KFI 640 AM, earlier today making a buck feeding off all the so polarizing controversies that they quite frankly are not bright enough to have created in their wildest dreams given how of course the DAAC make it their business to allow only the �most average� a �shot at the brass ring�.

      Very few, if any would refer to me as �na�ve� although my uncle, David Moshal-Gevisser- Engelhard Oppenheimer, the American head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel back in 1995, at a private dinner did in fact refer to me as such after I had just days earlier shown him beyond a shadow of a doubt after a full afternoon of �toying� with this buffoon that I was anything but na�ve; on the contrary, even possibly shrewder than my Royal Mater who got DG the top job of this cartel of cartels.

      Not to mention DG eventually revealing rather explicit details of not only the $6 million �sign on bonus� he received when he became the American head of the DAAC immediately following the funeral on March 2nd 1971 of the murdered American Charles Engelhard but how �grateful� he was to my RM for having shown him how �prodders� can do far better than the extraordinarily few really smart people, bored to death with the Bell Shaped curve educational system that has the �most average� rising to the top.

      To mention little of how I first had to begin by letting him know how very �sorry� I was to have �read the riot act� in the fall of 1989 to his famous investigative journalist-author son Mark Gevisser when Mark was simply following the DAAC�s orders to �bury� South African Industrialist, Solly Krok who was one of my first clients since I began in August 1989 hanging my �shingle�, dreamed up by my genius PR mother:

      Gary S. Gevisser � A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There!

      To mention little of SK�s Broadway musical revival, Meet Me In St. Louis that MG was moments away from delivering a �death blow� as he hoped to �curry favor� with the DAAC by writing an article for The Nation, owned at the time by my pal Arthur Carter, that drew the �connecting dots� between the musical not having a single black face in the entire cast and the Krok family who made their pharmaceutical fortune selling �skin lighteners� to millions of black South Africans, ultimately causing the most horrific permanent facial disfigurements.


    • From: Gary S. Gevisser
      Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 1:41 PM PT
      Cc: rest; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Roger W. Robinson; Mossad;;; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor;; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Eliot Spitzer - Governor of New York State - Former Attorney General of New York State ; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant;; South China Morning Post; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Vicky Schiff - co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; David Berman - Berman Capital; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996; artbell-coast; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild;
      Subject: BULL...c.ash


      It seems like most on this one email list of mine are in a �sit and watch� game as the Tony Blair�s of the world get �tripped up� on the �infantile� transgression of accepting loans for seats in the House of Lords-Lloyds of London and Knighthoods and the Exxons of the world show unimaginable profits for drilling holes in the ground not just in the U.S. but throughout the world while their tankers are afforded security and insurance paid by the poorest of the shell-shocked poor increasingly not culling sufficiently the world�s overpopulation when everyone pretty much knows that not only are these two �acts� connected so is pretty much everything in this �dog eat god aspartame� [sic] world tied in, in one form, or another to The Diamond Invention.


    • wrong, wait until the new bukkake latte hits the market. then you'll be able to see it go on the teen's, 20's, 30's, and even on the 40's and up.

    • Coffee is addictive and legal and Starbucks is the best at making and serving it with 2,400 new store this year and 40,000 long-term..sounds like a great business to me..

      Last chance to cover shorts on will have your little bawls squeezed so hard by Wakem you will all be screaming to go LONG SBUX...

    • From: Gary S. Gevisser
      Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 6:06 PM PT
      Cc: rest;;; John Pollard -; Leutenant William Kemery - San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit;; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996;;; David "Poli" Pollak - Co-Chair of the NY "demoratic" [sic] party; Adam Tucker; Devin Standard; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad;
      Subject: ...CHECK OUT....ROVER....air...ak...1421....get around...---...


      Allow me to explain a very simple concept.

      You cannot begin to �check out� anything even the color of your eyes thinking it might help you in unlocking the key to your soul without following the �money trail� that leads first and foremost to truth.

      The DAAC owning everything and everyone who has more than a pot to pee in!

      All the garbage TV and radio, all your and my nonsense talking parents, grandparents, friends and colleagues have stuffed in to the space between our ears interferes with such �truthful pursuit.�

      But no more!

      For the first time you feel free!

      You also feel very stupid!

      Most of all you feel extraordinarily corrupt!

      But how can that be given the mantra being repeatedly replayed back in your head, �The truth sets you free!�

      But that problem of �Free Enterprise� is very possibly yours, certainly not mine.

      My problem is that right now I find myself without any more problems to solve simply binding my time waiting for everyone I know or who knows me to simply go quiet and my plan for world wide peace to be implemented within 7 days once the Peoples Republic of Communist China does the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing.

      You are aware that I know people in the PROC who speak and understand English.

      You are aware that most of the Chinese people I know are SIGNIFICANTLY more intelligent than every single westerner I know with the exception of possibly no more than 5 people, 4 of whom are no more intelligent than the dumbest of the dumb Chinese I know.

      You are aware the DAAC have not YET taken control of either the Chinese mind or the Chinese economy which continues to fuel the world economy.

      You are aware that it is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to bother with projecting what might happen were the DAAC to have one day, possibly 10,000 years from now, the same control over the minds of the Chinese people as they CURRENTLY have over westerners, particulars those hooked on that so warm and fuzzy, �A Diamond is a forever-a Girl�s Best Friend�!


    • ATTENTION: Chris "Little Mind Me" Little - News dIRECtor for KFI 640 AM "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]

      Even you, a very average prodder, would know the business of corrupt government is to never let grass roots organizations form.

      Consequently it doesn�t take a rocket scientist or even a corrupt Professor of finance to figure out that if they are so fortunate to be �calling the shots� they must have done something �wrong� although anyone not funny would joke that they did it all �right�.

      You would know once graduating college your next and only requirement is to encourage others to follow in your footsteps and that of course includes both the next generation about to be brainwashed and their poorly paid and educated educators.

      The problem that you are waking up to this fine sunshine filled morning, the temperature warm enough that I will be wearing shorts and a tee-shirt when going for our first walk, is that tomorrow you are going to wake up with an even bigger headache as you revisit time and again the �form letter� that spells out the entire �Offense-Defense� position of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who own not only you and those who choose to keep company with you on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list

      Allow me to repeat the formal position of the DAAC to any western elected or unelected government official prior to them taking office.

      Dear Mr./Mrs. President of the United States of America,

      It is such a wonderful day today here in Johannesburg, South Africa, the birds are flying, the bees are humming, the humming birds you know have this incredible range of a heartbeat and you know how this Gevisser Character keeps talking his nonsense about getting in tune with the heartbeat of the universe, blah blah.

      Go ahead as I pour myself a Lion Lager, make my day, change the wholesale price for a D [very clear] IF [Internally Flawless] 1 carat diamond and who cares about some scheister making a good cut or bad, make it whatever you want, make it worthless since of course it is worthless and then what should we do with our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars?

      Now the next time you have your Justice Department official write me, I may not be so generous with my Durban Charm School etiquette and when I give him a job it will be alongside the next retired Chairman of the Federal Reserve who also serves at our pleasure.


      Nicholas Oppenheimer

      Your suffering will disappear once the space between your ears becomes a perfect vacuum where no sound travels.

      Envision all the good you will be doing when returning as a snake.

      �Sumtimes� [sic] it is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!

      [Word count 456]

      Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 11:24 PM
      To: Gary S. Gevisser
      Subject: RE: ...LITTLE MISS crackPOT..Cancel....

      I can't appreciate pretty much anything and I am NOT interested in my own communications due to crackpot-itis on this one and every email of mine.

      From: Gary S. Gevisser
      Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 12:51 AM PT
      To: Robert & Bella Silverman
      Cc: rest; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Solly Krok; Tefo;; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Elizabeth - WHY WE FIGHT!; Allie Meyer - WHY WE FIGHT!;
      Subject: RE: ...LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE....Cancel....

    • To repeat:

      Stop your harrassing emails because I know where you live. I will
      bring the San Diego Sherriff and the SD police with me to your house
      and file harrassment charges unless you stop and remove me from your
      emails which have NOTHING to do with me on and off for over a year and
      a half. Got it!

      You would know that my response while not written like a formal Class Action lawsuit beginning with a �recital� and then providing all the �claims� to mention little of the chronology of events that include trying to solicit funding out of me has each and every street smart person in the world now also reading this eager to sign up for my one-of-a kind seminar-workshop where I can within 45 minutes explain the steps they can take to become financially independent without having to invest a penny or give up their day job which may of course include breaking in to peoples homes just for the fun of it if not for �bread muni� [sic].

      How other than your word do I know that you are not like Steven SPIelberg Producer-Director of the movie Munich bought and paid for by the DAAC, the mafia of mafia who make a mockery of each and every one of our laws including money laundering?

      Let me Mr. Attorney General explain to you why it is that not only am I �lightening up� but what is invigorating kids as well as adults without much means but who haven�t let their formal education interfere with their learning by having you read very carefully Robins Brothers explanation of, �What Are �Conflict Diamonds�?

      Conflict Diamonds are diamonds that originate and are mined from areas controlled by forces at war, or otherwise in armed conflict with the region�s existing officially recognized government. The diamond-producing area is taken over by these warring factions and the diamonds produced are used to illegally, and often brutally, fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the United Nations Security Council. In many cases, the resulting take-over includes terrorizing the people of those countries. Conflict Diamonds may also be referred to as Blood Diamonds, referring to the suffering that miners may endure due to rebel forces.

      The Kimberley Process

      In May 2000 African diamond producing countries initiated the Kimberley Process in Kimberley, South Africa, to discuss the conflict diamond trade. Participants from all around the world came together to create and implement an international certification process for rough diamonds based primarily on national certification schemes and internationally agreed upon minimum standards. Independent auditors monitor every invoice that records purchases made by DTC sight holders.

      To be continued in �Jew course� [sic]. Click on this hyperlink that will also contain the above with clarification edits in green.

      [Word count 3211]

    • It takes, however, quite a bit of explaining to people unfamiliar with the history of the poorly bred �it� to appreciate why it is so important to keep highlighting his name as well as anyone dumb enough to associate with this slimeball of slimeballs who of course has a whole bunch of poorly bred supporters who so far remain deafeningly silent apart from his Ms. Dawn Kilicut who I didn�t see wearing any ring let alone a diamond engagement ring when the two of them walked side by side this past weekend right in front of our awesome cliff house in heavily corrupt Del Mar before doing an about turn and I could �swear� the impact on the surrounding air by the vibrating blabber of both their big butts caused the swell to pick up �sumwhat� [sic].

      Not to mention how Ms. Dawn just couldn�t help herself looking at the cliff house just as she passed by.

      Let me know if you are interested in the photo I took at the very moment she growled.

      But what street smart kids can easily appreciate is the �dialogue� I am having with that began on January 5th with RFreed emailing me from his blackberry in what seems to most reasonable people picked for jury duty to be quite a friendly tone:


      You da freakin man!

      Then after I responded with a 689 odd word communiqu� emailed me on January 7th the following:


      I need an investor for my Juke Box company. Can you help us?


      Then on January 10th �out of the blue� did nothing short of �blow up�, his second paragraph rather meaningful to anyone who has experienced harsh treatment by co-opted-corrupted law enforcement and Regime Change industrial-military- complex DAAC operatives.


    • Listening twice as hard as we speak is only tough for the poorly conditioned who only become dumber than their parents when they fail to do something when uncovering the fact that they have been lied to by one or both of their parents who were only entrusted to protect and not to �play God�.

      There isn�t a street smart kid who has difficulty getting their arms around why it is they feel increasingly empowered when they confront all evil, understanding that only G-d can judge one evil as worse than the next and at the same time feel weak when they fail to �stand tall�; such feelings of both �power� and �weakness� each and every kid takes with them the rest of their lives.

      Go ahead Mr. Attorney and test out my theory on your own life experience and feel free to let me know whenever you should decide to attend one of my one-of-a-kind Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops where I will show you exactly how you can achieve financial independence within 60 days without having to pay me as much as a single penny and/or for that matter would you have to give up your day job as Attorney General of the United States in charge of the Justice Department responsible for executing our sacrosanct Anti-Trust-Anti-Competition-Anti-Price Fixing laws with the exception of course of the DAAC, the special interest of special interest group.

      No one likes to be �left out� and at the same time everyone knows that not only do I speak the truth with mounds of credibility to boot, but I can explain in simple English using very short sentences, how the �real world� works that has the �filthy rich� trickling down the costs of getting richer on to the backs of the poor while so disgustingly preaching about ethics.

      I have decided never again to listen to Dr. Laura so very out of touch with the guilt ridden real world, so sickeningly laughs at her increasingly more aware audience while cashing it in big time!

      The decision by Unwitting Witness to go �anonymous� and for to YET show up at any one of my front doors with the San Diego Sheriff�s Department in tow speaks volumes especially to those busy-bees who don�t have trust funds being funded 24/7 by those with �blackened hands�.

      Those one paycheck away from being out on the street and/or who have spent any time in prison could care less about my credibility at the highest levels of the dark DAAC socio-economic pyramid only how I have managed to stay alive once figuring out that of course I have the brains not to eat no more than 3 square meals a day no matter how many highly profitable income streams I could create each and every moment of the day and then �sum� [sic].

      What would my heirs in prisons around the world accepting my rubber duck gifts do with all the kickbacks I could get from the IRS who I understand still not only get most of their �leads� from informers but pay some 10% of what they collect?

      Were you listening in as the surf just picked up here in heavily corrupt Del Mar that tolerates �tTOo� [sic] diamond-money laundering operations a hop-jump-and-a-skip apart?

      Even the toughest of the toughest gang members who have spent time in jail understanding perfectly well that they may have got more and better sleep by being �non-threatening� are quite taken aback by the manner in which I respond to cowards like the �it� who uses everyone he can get his arms around including his fatso bitch to do his dirty work.


    • The email yesterday to a co-opted employee of CBS� Marketwatch while not stopping these individuals you see in this hyperlink from responding has however done nothing short of paralyzing most of the folks you see in this hyperlink who of course do not include all the current and former members of Israel�s, i.e. the world�s best trained Special Forces commandos and their Commanding Officers who are not very happy having unwittingly bloodied their hands all to prop up the lifestyles of the �indifferent� who rely on �mob psychology� to indoctrinate the �passionate� who are more often than not the most �finely tuned�.

      Mr. Attorney General the hyperlink above the word �rent� takes you to page 4 of Insurance Marketing Services Inc.�s Weekly Marketeer of March 16th 1987 in which there is a quote from me along with a segment promoting one of IMS� most successful seminar speakers; seminars and conventions being one of several lucrative income streams of IMS Inc. that during the period I was the Chief Operating Officer and CFO attracted the premier media companies.

      Not to mention yet again that on the day my non-compete ended with IMS I began an assignment with a division of Simon & Schuster that was very keen to acquire IMS, the largest privately owned marketing and publishing company specializing in the insurance industry.

      You will note in this hyperlink that Unwitting Witness while anonymous demonstrates how much attention they pay to my writings, much like the �it� when he did a rather poor job of �cutting and pasting� back on September 11th 2002 when he first got away with filing a baseless criminal complaint that later resulted in a San Diego judge who of course didn�t get off a boat just yesterday had to have also noted the lack of witnesses the �it� had accompany him in to court on October 24th 2002 where the �it�s� second ex-wife, Marie Dion Gevisser demonstrated a number of her skills that most of all exposed that while the �it� was of course a very unintelligent plotter, albeit a flat-line plotter, he was a �control freak� willing to do whatever it took including lying under oath, under penalty of perjury in order to �get his way�.

      The world today is getting increasingly closer as the children come together like no other time in the history of the world, forced to examine how exactly their parents, �made a living�, made so much easy by asking them their thoughts on The Diamond Invention.

      One of the not-so-young kids I have met with in the past 72 hours is a 30-year old, in shape Lily White Wheaty Eating self-employed contractor who at age 20 began a 21 month prison sentence in a San Diego east county jail for selling marijuana.

      His Mexican-American assistant who was born in the U.S. and whose first language is English only got through 8th grade and was diagnosed as having ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder].

      Not to mention this younger very �on the ball� kid�s response while turning around in a complete circle, �Didn�t you notice I have only one ear?� to my question after complementing him on how well and how extraordinarily quickly he picked up on the essence of my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!, �Do you know why G-d gave us two ears and one mouth?�


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