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  • bigphil9201 bigphil9201 Nov 14, 2008 10:06 PM Flag

    What is up with Starbucks and the cream for their coffee

    This annoys the hell outta me and maybe somebody has an answer. How come Starbucks doesnt keep the cream out for the hot coffee. I hate getting the milk carton they have behind the counter and this has to be unsanitary when hundreds of people are touching it. They also ask if I want room for cream and I say yes and I walk over to the area and it isnt out what is the Barista thinking. Then if there is a long line I have to yell to get somebodys attention. I asked the manager the other day how come they dont keep the cream out and she said they stopped doing it. IF they dont fix this situation I will be a former customer.This is not just one store but happens in several of them. Is this to save money?

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    • What are you talking about? I have been in tens if not hundreds of SBUX and have NEVER witessed what you describe.

    • To have an open milk carton out in the customer area is a liabilty risk for the company. They should have those small sealed milk or cream containers out 'front' for their customers use. Only reason not to is cost.

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      • first of all, bigphil here must live in the ghetto, every starbucks i've been in has 1/2 & 1/2, whole milk, and low-fat milk in metal thermal pitchers (not milk cartons) at the "condiment" station, along with sugars, sweeteners, straws, etc

        as for those small single-shot creamers, cost is not the only reason, ever hear of packaging waste? convenience too, i don't want to stand there and rip open 3 or 4 of those suckers when i can just pour the amount i want from the pitcher

        you want your little fake hazelnut creamers, head on over to 7-11; say hi to the whores and crackheads while you're there

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