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  • friulliguy friulliguy Oct 16, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

    made in machines...what a joke

    new verrisimo coffee machines....are made in china and engineered in switzerland.

    why not, made in seattle and engineered in USA!

    cause its cheaper to make in china...then tax them with duty fees...or make the machines
    in kansas, arkansas, wyoming, new york, alaska, or somewhere in america!

    bottom all about money, and making more of it, not about jobs..just ask ralph lauren
    and his company...sox made overseas..why not made in north carolina for example.
    so the guy can go from millionaire to billionaire.

    we need more political parties...not just dem or repub...but conservative, socialist,
    christian democrat, etc....let the people decide....even if it means eliminating school taxes

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    • Its a free country and as such there are several other parties but there is not much in them to talk about

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    • was in Portland, Oregon and thought it would be nice to buy a Pendleton shirt. The label says, made in the USA. I asked the lady what part of the shirt was made in the USA, and she told me the label was made in the USA. Come on...

    • your so full of sh1t it's coming out of your mouth... you shop at walmart, all the stuff in your house you bought was made in china, mexico and india... all the fruit that you eat you buying from hondrus. your drinking snapple that has ties with middle east.. you not going green and driving a small electric car that was produce here and the batteries somewhere else, so that means you must be buying your oil from the suddies.. so what i can tell from your high and mighty mouth of protest of sbux not making their coffee pots here in this great american country, you should go back inside your canadian wood frame house, look around and keep your mouth shut until you can teach from what you preach.. your the joke of patriotic

    • Kind of like that Lexus made in Japan, eh?? Or that BMW made in Germany???

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    • time for another lecture from howard about being patriotic; ha

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    • As long as "we" allow things to be made cheaper in other countries companies will continue to do it. We have to make it more expensive to take from China then to make it here.

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