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  • blackhawkdfy blackhawkdfy Jan 25, 2013 3:56 PM Flag


    YOU ( WE) get up in the morning, first thing most Americans do is well....go to the bathroom..LOL...then your in the kitchen making COFFEE while you get ready for work. Then you get to work and during your lunch break you go out, stay at the office or whatever and your drinking MORE COFFEE. Then you come home and have dinner. After dinner you make another pot of COFFEE. Your friend calls and wants to meet about the weeks events, so you go out and YES, go to a coffee shop and drink more COFFEE. 400 PLUS MILLION cups per day served and growing!!
    Starbucks Coffee shops opening ALL OVER THE WORLD! Worried about the P.E, or PEG? Please!

    This Company is cash rich with opportunities galore. What your watching now on Level 2 is so minor compared to what you will witness in the coming quarters. Starbucks serves a strong cup of Java, and soon will be a fat share price for the elite. Ask yourself this question: How can Starbucks get 3 bucks for a cup of coffee, when you can just go to 7-11 right down the street and pay 1.89?

    Simple. 7-11 is for the middle class folks like you and me that are "on the run" and not that picky bout it. People with "Bank" ( And us guys too) on the other hand love to sit in an atmosphere, with their laptops, and their business associates every day and get their fix, a strong cup of Java! I see this every day in the suburb I live in. 5-8 bucks a day these people are spending at their visit.

    Why? HABIT. PEOPLE may CHANGE, BUT THEIR HABITS STAY THE SAME. Would anyone like to meet me at Starbucks over a cup of Java and discuss this? :+)

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