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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 25, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    Mr Schultz, why politics?

    Schultz struck a note of brilliance or, corporate suicide. How about neither?
    Most people are indifferent to what sexual desires others have as long as it does not involve them and theirs. Thus the never ending question of sexual activism and why it exists at all SINCE most are indifferent. The far right and activist left seem to be holding this conversation once again only this time, its inside SBUX.
    Mr Schultz I could care less what your sex life or tolerance for others is, i do care about politics entering my espresso cup over social issues.

    As a result, I have to ask, what have you done for the churches of America lately?

    The reason I ask is that I can not find anywhere, where you or SBUX has even made an attempt to be inclusive or even tolerant of differing political/social views. Now that sir, is important because all or nothing usually ends up in the NOTHING category when it comes to vocally announcing ones own political/social views at the literal expense of all others including, investors.

    Mr Schultz, tolerance includes tolerating those of opposing views only your actions and your words seem to deliberately ignore those who don't think as you do.
    Its not the issue of sex that bothers me, its your lack of tolerance of opposing views and how you handled shareholder money when you addressesd this issue and shareholder's rant/question/concern.
    Frankly Sir, I'm quite sure that Churches do more to help the needy than you or the government when it comes to where the rubber really meets the road so to speak. This care/assistance/help is done by people who care to make a difference and while money helps, its the people who make the difference.

    Open your eyes and consider all, not just the PC crowd.

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    • doesn't matter he addressed the issue like a boss, if you don't like the company then SELL.... I will take my 38% return and 70% return this year.

      • 2 Replies to alsteele_88
      • With this kind of misplaced arrogance I think you may see (70%) this year! You and all like your thinking may read up on JCPenney's antics which #$%$ off a large segment of the buying public namely the 1 Million Moms. Watch what happened to the earnings and the stock price sharp decline after 1MM took action. An objective read from you may help. And dont fall for the non-sense if they print anything else. JCP #$%$ off a large group and took a political stance on lifestyle and...well the rest is histroy and they are reaping what they sowed. Any apology was met with distrust and continued action from 1MM and their supporters. Tha's IMHO happened at JCP. I would not be a bit surprised if this happens with sbux especially with all the blogs I go to. Coffee is not worth people's principles. Especially overpriced coffee or overpriced anything.

      • Gee Al, seems Schultz just said that, try something original. Hey here's something original, I repsect your view however on a personal note, you can stick it up your A___(fill in the blank yourself Al)!
        When a CEO goes out of his way to defend/represent an activist view that caters to a very small minority, maybe 2% activists and when the LIBERAL LEFT votes down the same sex marriage issue in WHERE? simply has to wonder if steering a corporation to the whims of the few at the expense of the majority is brilliance or caving in.
        Frankly, I could care less either way. What I don't want, is my espresso cup getting tossed into the ring of acidic politics and while I really don't want to see anyone discriminated against because of their SEXUAL DESIRES/HABIT/ORIENTATION etc.

        BUT, I do DEMAND that ones sexual desires/habits/preferences/orientation not be made PUBLIC in the "F"ing work place. Otherwise, the strict fraternization RULES at SBUX will be violated and there is no room in Corporate America for "F"ing the hired help because it almost always ends ugly with a fricking mammoth lawsuit and we shareholders get to pay it.

        Can ya hear me now you sarcastic #$%$?

    • What churches provide is opium to the people.

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