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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 26, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Dear SBUX and Mr Schultz....

    I can't believe the amateuer method made to a shareholder asking abouit gay marriage by merely slamming the shareholder and not rounding out the picture in every aspect. If you really wanted to make a point, try settling the questions and possible other objections by answering the unasked questions on the matter as well. I think its important to ALL SHAREHOLDERS since it is not just your rear end hanging in the breeze on this issue.

    Having said all of that, here are my concerns. What is a domestic partner? Is it same gender couples or is it also for oppostie gender partners? What if that partner has children? What constitutes a legal partnership? Will SBUX abide by ALL state and federal laws on the matter? If not, what rules or laws will be followed? Does it take any kind of LEGAL documentation or can Johnny have 3 girlfriends AND 3 boyfriends each one (at a time) for say 3 months and does that constitutes a domestic partnership for insurance purposes?

    How is a "break up " recognized ? How long until this employee can establish another domestic partner? What consequences will an employee face who "games, or cheats", the system?

    Sorry but many of us are not experts in this arena and hey, maybe thats part of the source for that guys question? Oh well, you showed him Mr Schultz!
    I think alot of INVESTORS who, while we appreciate SBUX performance of late, we also remember SBUX at 14.00 not so long ago. Forget the gay thing for a minute Mr Schultz because most Americans (outside of activist circles) could care less as long as they themselves are not imposed upon to publically describe their own sexual preferences but here is what they do care about:
    How will this effect SBUX revenue/cashflow/insurance liability and what set of rules/laws will SBUX adhere too ..............and what checks and balances will be established to keep Johnny from taking 1000.00 bucks from his next "domestic partner" thus merely selling access to SBUX paid for, health insurance?

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