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  • smcapking smcapking Apr 6, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    Why Starbucks boycott matters

    You have the anti gun people angry at Starbucks and now the people who believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman and who resent having it redefined. So, the pro gun people who would be supporting Starbucks are also by large numbers for marriage only between a man and a woman. So now you have anti gun people boycotting starbucks and folks who feel very strongly about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. This boycott is just starting, word will be spreading, and it will have an impact. I already knew Starbucks was a liberally bent company. Now they've angered a large demographic and it will impact their stock price. I will likely be shorting SBUX at an opportune time.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Well I don't know anything about anything; but, that is not going to stop me.
      1. In WV we have to drive to Target or Virginia since we don't have more that two or three stores in the state. All stores are cramed. WV IS a gun culture society inspite of the representations of Sen Manchin (I wouldn't bet on HIM winning a regular term in the Senate in his next run.
      2. If we lose the man/woman only marriage crowd that only means the number of mothers with out of control kids will NOT be bringing them to a Satrbucks to run wild. This is a bad thing HOW?
      3. West Virginians are a very diverse group. They try and live their lives according to their own precepts and leave others to live by their precepts. Theytry and get along inspite of vast differences and perspectives. Generally, folks don't want to be told what to do or what to think. And they don't want to do so to others. Heston's comment 'from my cold dead hands' is not an advertising slogan it is in fact a long held cultural position which no amount of federal regulation is going to change. JRemember that the two successful armed insurrection in the Republic after the Civil War occured in the Applachian Mountains. No State Govenor would risk using the State Guard to suppress and I just can't imagine the Federal Government sending in armed federal forces. This is a MOUNTAIN State with citizens' families that have lived here for over 250 years.
      4. The local grocery stores here (Easter Panhandle of WV) have tried everything to reduce the shelf space that Starbucks commands in the Coffe Section and Green Mountain failed, Dunkin Donut failed, Gevalia failed. etc. In a conservative Christian gun owning state I am not seeing any meaningful boycott results.
      5. If any of this boycott drivel comes to pass I can at last get a seat in a realtively quiet store to enjoy my Latte.
      The only important thing is continued growth, increased sales, profits, dividends, and stock splits.


    • no one cares anymore this is 2013......I was a Romney supporter, he lost oh well time to move on the sun rises and sets each day. The gov't will pump more $ in the market after Friday and all stocks will rise. Unless starbucks quality/beverage changes then it matters not these stupid boycotts.

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