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  • smovingforward smovingforward May 28, 2014 1:22 PM Flag



    This is a fundamental concept that not one of you in a thousand understands. So many of you blowhard about countless variations of t/a, make knowledge claims about the universe, babble about politics, morality, ethics etc and yet you never..ever...offer a single scrap of empirical evidence to back up your claims.

    You make predictions, state claims as though they were fact, blather your world view all over these pages all the while remaining ignorant of the fact that claims are not truths, your opinions are not facts, your ideas are without merit if you cannot provide empirical evidence to back them up.

    Every religion is a knowledge claim that has NO empirical evidence what so ever. Every t/a claim is a mindless meaningless notion because there does not exist any empirical evidence to support or give credence to any of it. Every political statement, every comment on world affairs every barking dog statement you make that you cannot provide empirical evidence for is sound and fury signifying nothing.

    This is what you all do, all the time, without thought.

    It's no wonder to me at all why the world is the fuqqed up place it is. You remain lowly primates captive to your primitive instincts and lizard brain workings.

    None of you know shyte. Less

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