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    Another beloved American favorite is Starbucks coffee. They certainly charge high prices for their elaborate fancy drinks. Many Americans insist on only consuming Starbucks blend coffee, considering anything else inferior. However, like everyone else, Starbucks is also an imposter trying to hide the truth. Their coffee is not premium as everyone believes it to be. Starbucks uses cheap coffee to construct its products, and it is super cheap to make. In addition, there are no environmental standards, worker standards, or worker unions. Total control is assumed by the company ("Fighting", 13).

    Coffee in general is a labor-intensive product to cultivate, harvest and process. Extra care to maintain a standard of quality on the farm and through the finalization processes requires additional time and effort. Coffee experts in producing countries estimate that the amount of labor required to produce a pound of coffee is 2.2 hours. Even at commodity price levels of $1.00, pressure to have labor costs low is intense. At current prices, which have decreased far below the average cost of production, labor costs are being driven down even further ("Fighting", 13).

    There is some good that Starbucks adheres to. Starbucks also markets "fair trade certified coffee" that makes sure that "farmers who grew the coffee received a premium price above the prevailing market prices," which helps them have a better quality of life ("Fair Trade"). This in itself notes that the company is concerned about its international policies. Yet it reminds one of one of many students in a school, who are generally nice kids and by senior year learn that there are other people in their grade instead of those in their crowd, yet are still torn between being popular and breaking out of their familiar group of friends. Ultimately, it is an excuse that they use to justify their reasons for their ignorance. It is common knowledge that a company, or a person, has reached full maturity once they can change these comfortable habits and explore broader horizons.

    There is yet another American company known to use child slave labor. M&M/Mars Inc. has often employed harvest of cocoa beans for their chocolate from the Ivory Coast. Most of these cocoa beans come from the poor West African coast. Child slave labor has increased because of such low prices in the cocoa industry in the past few years. Cocoa

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