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  • paytooplay paytooplay Aug 16, 1999 9:05 PM Flag

    Realelistic answers only!

    I bought 200 at 261/2 and felt good as SBUX went
    up to 28, then down and down. The 200 are in my 401K
    so I dont really have any tax advantane in selling
    at a loss, do I? I now have $2500 to invest and
    though I felt good about SBUX, but I'm not sure
    anymore.If 15 is the bottom how long will it stay there? I
    also fear that expansion into foreign markets should
    only be done once your house is in order...What is the
    best use of my money for the next 6 months? Money
    market more SBUX some other stock? No bull shit answers

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    • You're right - 20 locations in Singapore!!!
      That's incredible. They have about 8 in the downtown
      tourist areas, plus just about every shopping center
      where the locals would shop. Hell, they even have one
      in a major hospital. Wish they would do the same
      here. I live less than a mile from a hospital, but have
      to drive 12 miles to get a frappachino at Barnes &
      Noble. Could use one right now. Rock on......MMB

    • Check the SBUX website it'll give the address of the locations and you can tell us.

    • I'm with you on that one. I'd like to know the
      breakdown on the traffic also. I'm still amazed in that 20
      locations number. It's a small country. Could it maybe have
      been two? One on Orchard Rd. (downtown) and one in
      Jurong on the west end of the island. And you may be
      right about the hang outs of the secretaries. It would
      beat some of the options... Ciao...MMB

    • Okay, I'll give you that there maybe enough
      non-native traffic. But it would be nice to know the
      breakdown of that traffic (non-native resident ie:
      workforce, student... vs tourist).

      And those
      secretaries will be at SBUX as long as the economy holds up.
      Remember they have to constantly upgrade their wardrobe as
      well. Keeping up appearances takes a toll on the old
      paycheck (eating out, clothes,

      Ha ,<bg> ha, longshoremen, hey they just might
      go in if they knew all the cute secretaries hang out
      at SBUX.

    • I guess the real issue is in your second
      paragraph. " there is not enough non-native traffic to
      support these stores". I believe there apparently is,
      otherwise why would SBUX have opened 20 outlets? I am sure
      they didn't do all 20 at once - that makes no sense.
      Common business practice would be to put them in
      gradually as long as existing places are doing well.
      Singaporean natives, IMHO, would much prefer a SBUX coffee
      and pastry place to a tea house. They are a nation
      with a lot of pride in their country, trying to be
      more and more upscale. Granted that your day labor
      longshoreman is not going to be in a SBUX. But you can bet
      your life that the little Chinese secretaries are.
      It's all about status, and SBUX carries more status
      than a teahouse. Yes, Singapore is more affluent than
      Vietnam, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a trial SBUX
      in Saigon within a year or two. All IMHO.

    • I thought it was a joke but I wasn't so sure. To
      be honest
      with you, I've seen similar messages on
      this board that people
      were dead serious. That may
      have thrown off many people on this
      board. I am
      laughing now - not at the joke - but the
      misunderstanding which the joke has created. No offense

    • You've hit the point. Singapore is more affluent
      than most areas in USA and from what I read a lot
      cleaner than here in the NE.

      Also it's clear that
      SBUX slots itself at the younger gen and undoubtedly
      at other slices as well. The newly announced music
      tie-in with the Sundance artists using the SBUX web site
      and stores to sell a special CD sounds like good,
      interesting marketing to me. Maaybe it will even sell some

    • No, did not miss your point. We should be on the
      same page about SBUX patronage outside of the U.S. I
      think you misinterpreted my comment about foreign
      traffic (but hope to be proved wrong).

      position has been that there is not enough non-native
      traffic to support these stores.

      In "your"
      opinion would a native rather socialize in a SBUX (coffee
      & pastry) or in a tea house (tea & dumplings...).

    • I think maybe you missed the point I was trying
      to make. Maybe it wasn't too clear. The point is
      that Singapore, while being a country, it's a very
      small place, actually a city/state. To support 20 SBUX
      cafes takes a bunch more people than just the small
      quantity of expats there. The locals have to be doing
      quite a bit of coffee drinking too. I agree that it is
      the younger generation that will take to SBUX, and it
      is apparently happening. Ciao...MMB

    • Truce, I agree to a certain point, too much bad
      mouthing of me and others, much time is lost slamming
      other peoplke that don't desrve the filth and knocking
      everyone down, instead of rtrying to help people to makew
      money, on what ever level, time is wasting with bad
      intentions and defensive postering Boxcars..

      Keep the

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