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  • allenst_wg allenst_wg Aug 18, 1999 10:18 AM Flag

    $15...$ chance of $25 by end '99

    $15 will be tested. I will buy at $15 or not at all.

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    • Hi, my name is Arthur, and I'm Boxcar's son.
      Before I talk to Mellow950, I'd like to give my best
      wishes to everyone who owns
      SBUX stock, and to
      everyone who buys SBUX products.

      OK, everything I
      just said was a complete lie, but I just wanted
      make my contribution on Multiple Personalities

      Anyway, Mello, I meant no disrespect to any natural
      survivors, but it was extremely quiet on the board

      BOSTQ is down to 27 cents per share, but by next week
      you will
      probably be able to pick it up on their
      "4 Shares for a Buck"
      special. Take care - bbalg

    • Now THAT was funny vis a' vis what's going on in
      Turkey. Sort of like Tom Brokaw surveying the damage and
      lashing out at the Red Cross for not bringing along more
      cranes (or is that crains?).

      I'm losing a bit of
      money on Schultz & Co but still within my tolerable
      limit. I won't sell unless the Surgeon General comes out
      against coffee.

    • Mellow950,

      I see your strategy... dump the
      Boston Chicken Awards after one
      week so that you can
      be the unbeaten, untied, and all-time

      It was weird being on the board today... kind of
      like walking
      around a city the day after a
      hurricane; devastation everywhere,
      but all was peaceful
      and quiet. When Boxcars is the author of
      angriest post of the day, then you know it's a calm

      Well, I didn't realize that you were an SBUX
      shareholder after
      your award winning post; hopefully you
      bought in low, and
      hopefully you are holding other
      stocks also.

      Take care - bbalgonmori

    • Just not up for the job, I guess. frankly glad we have gotten away from comparing SBUX to BOSTQ. The thought of the combo makes me ill!

    • Do anything to keep BR... involved in new postings. The more he writes the better the chance he has to miss a trade execution and lose his short ass!

    • An LJCC overview for onlookers....

      most stocks, the major growth is in front of us with
      LJCC, and very soon.

      LJCC has developed a
      liquid concentrate coffee that has vast applications in
      the hospitality industry and the commercial
      marketplace, over and beyond our tradition market for coffee.
      They are aggressively pursuing HUGE hotel chains,
      restaurant chains and other vendors for large scale
      contracts. Their coffee is superior to all competition, and
      the costs are the same...this company is brand new,
      the stock is cheap, and things are just beginning.
      Buy it, and expect to hold on to some for a short
      term trade, but you'll probably want to hold some for
      the long term too.

      LJCC is going to be in
      Anaheim, California this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for
      a 3-day food and beverage trade show. This will be
      their first public opportunity to show their products
      to a wide variety of companies who will have
      specific interest in them.

      Their cold water
      process has significantly lowered the acidic levels in
      coffee and this alone is gaining much attention because
      it will allow millions of people who currently
      cannot drink coffee, to be able to do so. But the rich
      coffee flavor and freshness is what is really attracting
      people. They expect to see quite a bit of excitement
      about their products and new concentrate orders
      throughout the weekend.

      As I stated earlier, LJCC's
      main target is the hospitality and commercial
      industries, so just a few contracts should move the price

    • would be tooooooo horrible to contemplate...forget I offered.

      I wouldn't have enough money for my OWN therapy after it was all over...

    • Mellow950,

      Where were you at the awards
      show last night? I was sitting
      here at home all
      night in my tuxedo waiting for you to announce
      winning post for this week... Could you imagine how the
      Oscars would go if Billy Crystal were to slack off like
      that on the big night?

    • Riot! Can u imagine how horrible the whole would be based on the sum of parts?

    • please forgive me

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