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  • tkornilo tkornilo Aug 30, 1999 2:48 PM Flag

    if S&P closes today below 1330 and

    then below 1320 - be ready to dump all what you have.

    good luck.

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    • i wasn't.

      My oppinion about

      after an attempt to break 24 and go to 28 SBUX for
      about a week has been traded in the trading range 22.25
      - 23.25.

      today the trading range was
      followed by a strong close at 23.25 which suggests that
      during the next trading day it can be brake up to the
      new trading range 23 - 24 (be carefull i'm not sure
      it might not brake it).

      SBUX really needs
      time to break 24 - it's a very good resistance level.
      but as soon as it's broken... the only problem will
      be not to sell low.
      probably to break it we'll
      have to wait for the earnings report.

      S&P can get a bit corrected - after such a day!!! -
      i'm not sure about it.
      my short term target for
      S&P is about 1375-1380( i set this target yerstoday
      but after such increase... it might go

      for this month about S&P it'll probably be going
      sidways creating main support resistance lines. i can
      only assume for now that they are at 1320 - 1380.
      probably in the end of sptember or in october one of them
      will be broken and we ll have a strong move up or down
      ( i'd still liave a possibility of dowside - y2k
      stuff...) - all this stuff is based on historical charts
      but it's just a prediction.

      good luck.

    • I've checked out other websites' message boards.
      they are much more civil, the information level is
      much on par or less with this board. If one does not
      ignoring bad posts (and there are many) in this board, I
      this board is better than any other.

      One thing
      that I see which I agree with Twilip, this board
      dominated by ultra short term and/or emotional
      To them, I echo Twilip's investment strategy as a
      good one -
      the one I am using also. That is, look
      for value stocks and
      "be patient." In the longer
      run, it will pay off both
      financially, and
      mentally. I think there are many of us
      who understands
      what I mean by pay off "mentally" :-)

      Have a
      good long weekend.

    • You said :

      <<<<<you can
      spell as you want or as you can. (it's really funny
      that some Amercans still care about

      This may be a bit too personal, but am I correct to
      assume that you were not born in America? I was just

    • I don't mind stating my position in SBUX. My
      guess is that I have been in the market longer than you
      have been on earth. I retired six years ago. SBUX
      represents less than 5% of my portfolio, but as to adopting
      you I have plenty of children and grandchildren
      already. Thanks for the kind offer.

    • "self proclaimed market experts" was about me.

      just another "self proclamation" ( i hop
      it'll be helpfull) S&P to 1375-1380 and then it'll go
      down again. may be it'll go higher but i doubt it too

      Full board... i was there. they consider technical
      analysis and practising witchcraft as... well they don't
      like it there.
      They base their decisions on the
      knews and eanings(fundamental)-they are really good at

      Yhoo board is pure crap. but i like
      Somtimes you can find a link to interesting absolutly new
      website here - you can't do that at Fool's. I gess sites
      and stuff like that is very important - at least to
      another good side of yhoo - you can spell as you want or
      as you can. (it's really funny that some Amercans
      still care about English.)

      One thing is for sure
      in yhoo: if you base at least 5% of your decisions
      on info that you recive here you are going to lose
      all your money and very soon.

    • and take out your frustrations on

      There are many historical posts about the venom and
      short treachery on this board. Repeats useless - just
      use some of the honest opinion to educate yourself
      especially how your favorite company (SBUX?) is doing in
      other parts of the universe. If you crave technical
      analysis hit on Motley Fool, Morningstar's site, Multex,
      CBS Marketwatch etc etc etc - more info than coffee

      One word - if you seek anonymity then NEVER post your
      actual position because the unscrupulous will seek you
      out, especially if you can afford to invest $20K in
      one issue like SBUX. Nearly all the experts recommend
      NEVER betting more than 5 pct of your nest egg in any
      one equity issue, so you better have much more than
      $400 K in the speculative market over-all. If that's
      the case, do you want to adopt me?

    • All longs in SBUX could send E-mail message to
      Starbucks @ www. investor relations has
      E-mail. Let them know you are an investor and are long
      because you believe they are a good company and offer a
      great product. Tell them what you think they can do to
      improve stock value and/or what they can stop doing to
      improve same. If everyone did it on this board it could
      send a message and some good ideas.

    • Thank you for posting that message. I agree with
      you about the idioic posts here. IMO these boards
      should be for information that will help all Starbuck
      investors increase their wealth. Usually this board is
      dominated by short sellers who are trying to feed off the
      fears of others. But, that is their right too.

      If you want to learn about Starbucks or any other
      company all I can suggest is to request a proxy from the
      company, check their web site, know something about the
      product or service they sell, and seek out the advice of
      your CPA or a trusted financial professional.

      However, even with all of that, this new market with the
      all people investing in it, is dominated by day
      tradres and emotional traders, so it becomes more like
      gambling in Las Vegas than investing.

      I am a lot
      like you, investing hard earned money in this market.
      I made the mistake of listening to my broker who is
      only interested in his small commission and is not
      concerned about my losses which are much more than his fee.
      From here on out I may use him to buy my stock, but I
      will never take his word for what stock to

      I will continue to look for two types of investment
      opportunities. First, VALUE stocks i.e. good companies that are
      seriously under valued, and cutting edge technology stocks
      that could be the next MSFT or CSCO (unforunately
      those trains left the station before I got on

      Best of luck to you in yopur investing. Be patient.

    • man i should really hire you as my trading adviser. good thinking.

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