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  • msft_investor msft_investor Sep 21, 1999 2:44 PM Flag

    the bottom has been reached

    on a day like this SBUX should be down
    more than 2%.
    i have oredi commit 1/2 of my $$$
    today meant
    for SBUX & will invest the other 1/2 if
    goes lower or on its way up.

    looking ahead SBUX
    is 30 times next yr's
    earnings which is same as
    MCD, but SBUX will
    grow much faster than MCD and
    SBUX's market
    cap is only 2X Sales while MCD is 5X

    the current price is cheap enuf for me to
    in this monopoly.

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    • My sarcasm has apparently been misconstrued. I
      thought I was "putting down" so called "analysts." That's
      why I have made reference to the WSJ article which
      stated the dart throwing monkey stock picker made money,
      but analysts' recommendations showed a loss compared
      to the S&P. Sorry if my comments were confusing.

    • people post inane messages: They are the same
      kind of people who wander the streets of any large
      city, except they have computers; we all have
      psychological needs; those of greed, envy, bitterness,
      attention, come out in verbiage, most of it inane, some of
      it hurtful. The "dumber" a posting, the more
      response is given by the rest of us; wouldn't you feel
      better if you needed attention and that was the only way
      you knew how to get it.

      Nice up day for Sbux;
      for putting up with senseless postings.

    • if the analuist are so smart, then why are theu still working?

    • I_am_Man_with_No_Name I_am_Man_with_No_Name Sep 23, 1999 12:32 AM Flag

      becomes the reality. On the one hand, why mess
      with a winning company? On the other hand, you don't
      want to lose out on a possible new avenue for growth.
      Hopefully, they didn't jump in too soon and did their
      research. Time will tell. Probably not for several qtrs. If
      it does pay off, we should really fly in the future.

    • You can leave this board anytime now, goodbye. (And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out) Are you related to tcdogdump?

    • the internet is all about selling and selling
      requires a well known, quality name brand. SBUX has a well
      known, quality name brand and therefore has all that is
      needed to make money selling so much more than coffee.
      There is a great deal of potential for SBUX on the net.

    • I_am_Man_with_No_Name I_am_Man_with_No_Name Sep 23, 1999 12:21 AM Flag

      people post these kinds of messages - why are
      they on the message board of a stock they hate? The
      only thing I can figure is they lost money already on
      the stock, or they are short, or they want to drive
      the price down so they can buy our shares cheap when
      we sell. They always make the most generalized and
      ridiculous arguments. And they ignore all the good news. The
      increases in revenue, growth, stores are packed, etc.

      Why do people pay more for products - better quality
      comes to mind. Better service comes to mind. Nice
      atmosphere comes to mind.

      If SBUX ever went to $10 -
      I'd be able to retire rather soon.

    • that 1.75 is much to pay for a very large and
      delicious cup of coffee. I was able to afford Starbucks
      even when I was still in school and hadn't made any
      money in the market. Your "yuppie wannabe" comment is
      really ridiculous. Many people happen too enjoy a really
      good cup of coffee, I can't believe you have a problem
      with that. SBUX will prosper because they are the
      stand alone quality name brand in a rapidly growing
      sector. No one can touch them. $4 billion today --->
      $20 billion in five years or less.

    • 1. You seem to imply that people have stopped
      buying coffee at SBUX. Wrong! Same store sales continue
      to increase and the numbers show that more than 5%
      of the recent 8% increase in same store sales was
      due to, surprise, increased sales! (not price
      2. Your attitude toward SBUX reeks of bitterness,
      you get fired recently?
      3. Ever consider the
      possibility that people go into SBUX because they make a
      quality product?
      4. "This company sucks, period."???
      Hey, now there is some in-depth analysis! Perhaps you
      are looking for a redneck company to invest in. So
      why don't you go to the John Deere board and share
      some of your deep analysis there...

    • I was just having some fun. :-) although it will see 10 within a month, wait and see.

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