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  • sewagepipes sewagepipes Oct 15, 2008 2:29 PM Flag

    Religion is destroying this country

    Just take a look at the incredible things people believe that have no chance of being true. A man rising from the dead?? Come on. You don't deserve to be alive in this modern age if you believe that kind of crap.

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    • Spelling correction: Guard

    • That, my friend, is an EXCELLENT point (among many of them that Powell made). See, people? I'm all about CPST with my sentiment, and chambly is not. Big deal! We can find agreement here. :)

      Good, simple, succinct post.


    • more and more you hear people referring to the "mcsame" choice of that scary woman as a very bad choice,it reflects very badly on his ability to make rational decisions.Colin Power made that very point today on " meet the press". he also came out for Obama which should be a huge boon for Obama as so many people respect the former secretary of state.

    • Religion is not destroying the country it is being destroyed by nutty people. Religion is a personal matter as it should be. Nuts are wanting everyone to follow them. Nuts need help. Shame, shame, shame.

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      • Makes you think about those "missionaries", doesn't it?

        ("Believe what I believe, for I fear for your soul being damned to Hell! Choose or lose... convert, be 'born again,' all that...")

        Shame on those people. They mean well at the base-intention level, and I get that, but you can easily see how far off the path they've strayed in their persuasive efforts. It's crossing the line, and it waves huge red warning flags to their ignorance, naivete, and, most importantly, their presumptuous obtrusiveness and arrogance that fall under the facade of "piety". Sounds like a big bash on them, right? I don't mean to condemn, as I do not have the power nor the interest to try to do so; but what I mean is this: The right to choose to believe in what one wants to believe in is not a civil right restricted to geography or political motive; rather, it is a fundamental HUMAN right.

        So, guess what, people? You're all entitled to believe what you want (duh), and, importantly, debate to your hearts' content... while, in the end, you're neither "right" nor "wrong". If I can dare offer anything to you without getting smeared by some of the brainwashed and defensive people here who cannot comprehend rationality with this subject, it is to simply go and believe the truth as you see it and as it makes sense to you. That's ultimately all that matters. To impress one's beliefs onto another with unpropitious self-righteousness "in the name of" is where I draw the line. Live your truth, and be a better person than you used to be because of it. To me, that's all that really matters here, and that's okay.


    • "You are striving to understand a part of you that was given because our species was ABLE to receive it. A soul."

      When you mention a soul this is just what I call 'making stuff up'. Science has shown that there is no soul. You can inject your science fiction in if you wish, but a soul simply does not exist. That's a fact.

      "Mankinds facts seem to change daily."

      Well no 'facts' do not change. Of course, as science gathers more information and facts about things, there are changes in the body of knowledge we have. Perhaps that's why it 'seems' to you that things change daily.

    • very true. people have always needed to be told what to do and what to"s intellectual laziness.As a country educate itself it frees itself from organised religion.ORGANISED RELIGION is the problem. Organised religion has done a lot more harm over the centuries than good.truly,organised religion is the opium of the people.

    • ...and we are supposed to think that you have any credibility when you call yourself...what?

    • Brilliant. Thank-you again are much better able to defend the FAITH than I.

    • Well, I finished my chores. I got my a new jewelry machine hooked up for my wife and enjoyed the sunny weather up here in Alaska. Now I can enjoy some computer time and an ongoing disscussion on religion and some JD whiskey. Life is good!

      I love death! We cannot escape it, so might as well embrace it. It is a given fact that our current bodies we possess with the gift of 'free will' will (sorry for the play on words) cease to exist and instead turn into worm food.

      It does not matter what culture or environment you are born and raised in. You can be of a lower caste in India or a native American and believe in 'Wonka Tonka'. Or a Muslim, Buddist, Christian, Wicca or whatever you believe in. Great! You are striving to understand a part of you that was given because our species was ABLE to receive it. A soul.

      A monkey, whale or dolphin is not at the level to receive that gift yet, maybe, someday, they will attain that ability unless our free will exterminates them.

      No human is excluded in the big picture. "Yes" we are also animals with the same BASIC needs as a dolphin, monkey etc..but as humans, a higher species on the food chain, we all are equal spiritualy, it is up to our own decisions about all of it that is what sets us apart.

      Politics, earth science, whatever you want to is a religion. The war of church vs. state is a big joke! Government is a religion also. I find it all very funny.

      For you the bible is a myth, great, maybe you believe in another way of believing in what is a spiritual side of yourself?

      Maybe all you believe in is hedonism? Good for you. A part of me believes in hedonism also. You see, you are a 'good' person and a 'bad' person. Everybody is the same. We choose and follow whatever we want.

      To make a person even more angry, my personal belief leads me to believe that there were only two 'perfect' humans to date. Jesus and Mary. But that is my own belief, others have a different opinion. But whatever, it all will soon (tommorrow or another 1000 years) be so obivious, we all will laugh at our stupidity.

      Mankinds facts seem to change daily. Spiritual facts, while different cultures have different ways of viewing, they are the same if the end result is a betterment of our spiritual side.



    • Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
      Albert Einstein

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