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  • akabarbecuepork akabarbecuepork Aug 14, 2009 9:14 PM Flag

    Carrier question

    Here's a link:,3055,CLI1_DIV12_ETI10810,00.html

    If you notice the product data sheet is not provided?? What is going on with this? Aren't they supposed to be selling something for us by now??? Maybe I'm just mistaken but something doesn't seem right with Carrier And you really can't find any information from them about capstone????

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    • From the conference call transcript

      Darren Jamison -

      "This relationship is influx. I mentioned last quarter that we had not received an order from UTC for a couple quarters. They’ve now finished locating the pure comfort group from UTC Power embedded now in the Carrier organization. Several meetings during the quarter with senior management and the new team at Carrier, we did get an order during the last quarter from Carrier for another grocery store chain, not one that we’ve used before tested markets third grocery store chain.

      They’re very excited about the product. They had to go through their own passport process and get it into their own Carrier division. They’re very focused on the East Coast, the Eastern Seaboard and California as being the first markets they’re going to really focus on.

      So, I think you’re going to see in the next couple of quarters going forward, the Carrier group, which frankly is probably a better match for our product, because it really is a combined heat and power sale. I think it’s a better fit. Carrier has got some 130 sales organizations in the U.S. alone, not counting internationally.

      So, we’re excited. The transition obviously took longer than we had hoped. The big companies don’t move quickly, they moved deliberately. So, we’re excited about the relationship going forward, and I think it will be better than it was in the past, but it’s definitely been painful. UTC has been a top two or three customer to have them disappear for a couple of quarters as they reorganize their house as painful for us, but we seem to weather that storm pretty well."

    • Has anyone explained how this may effect sales?
      This may explain the delay in Carrier driven Purecomfort sales.

    • I spoke with a former UTC employee a couple of weeks ago. He told me that UTC was evaluating using the C65 and the C200. He did not think that they would be using the C600, C800, and C1000. UTC spends a great deal on the research and development of their fuel cells because they receive a tremendous amount of gov't funding. Carrier does business in something like 140 countries. So it it easy to see that they are not "pushing" them yet. The transition from UTC power to Carrier of the Purecomfort line should be coming together soon.

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      • turbine mechanics will be easier to find in the future

        i bet the buggy maker argued that there would be no one to fix the horseless carriage.

        the idea of a micro-turbine is scary to most installers, carrier included
        once they do a few
        if the installers like them, then they will get recommended to the buyers more aggressively

        change is scary for an old guy (experienced)

        we don't know the future with certainty
        but combined solar, wind and micro-turbine with absorption does seem to be THE WAY TO GO!

        in most areas
        in my opinion

    • Someone on this Board, I don't recall who, said
      That Carrier and or UTC may have deliberately placed themselves in the Catbird seat at
      So that they can control, suppress" Sales
      and hold down the price of the stock !
      They said their reason for doing that, would be to better position themselves for a "CHEAP"

    • Well this is on the link page.

      "Solutions consist of either four, five or six 60 kW microturbines and a double-effect absorption chiller/heater, reaching efficiencies up to 90%."

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      • Hey Ws2
        I've supported and touted Caps technology for several years. At present I have 23.7k shares at an ave of .93 I'm worried at this point as I'm retired out of the oil industry. Have been trained on turbins by Solar which at the time was a sub div of CAT ect. Basically is the UL cert for the C200 have more weight than stim money or possible buy out by UTC? Feel like I can't afford to gamble. I respect your knowledge and input along with many others. LOL Thanks for any input. PS had a few barley POPs jim

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