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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 27, 2011 12:29 AM Flag

    June 14, 2011 CC

    Bill Hess, I read these guys bashing you; boy o’ boy they are pulling our legs.

    My pal Sanjay S. – back log..”and pretty impressive booking”…all back log for 12 mos. …increasing production rate. Fresh pricing…..something about the DMZ …lol. Listen to him, does he sound like a man in fear; are you a poker player? Headed to profitability…at this point what does 3 mos. Or 12 mos. Matter? Time is your friend now, its giving a chance to buy more; not sure how you all feel about it. Supply chain and 30% growth for several years problems to ironout is a good problem, bottom line will grow when they have more synergy..i like should also.

    Eric Stien – adding build slots..Eric a little enthusiasm mate..jeez. Sounds like your annoyed they aren’t making enough money for you fast enough..but you brought it back with follow up questions…q1 and q2 back to positive margins again..Pioneer and Anadarko customers..Well then..i will take..u don’t have…Jimmy Hackett doesn’t work with anyone but quality.

    Shawn – increase for ftp margins…room to grow…affects the bottom customers need to be trained….tool up and spin up and sucking down cool aid….lol..yeah babie.

    Travis for Walter – revenue anamolly..prior qt. was so large couldn’t match

    R J K- what will it take the suppliers to increase,the suppliers were caught with their pants off, I don’t think this is going to happen again..they will be ramping up from the sounds of it..the vendors that is…manufacturing at higher rate then they have…..q2 they will have caught up..physical ’12 will be better then ’11 as it was from ’10. El Paso gas has been the poster child to motivate other customers…Thank you Foshee and Sult.

    Nice job Darren! I would like to wait for 76.4% retracement, but I will have to settle for 50% and double down later on if these fools keep driving it down; thank you in advance.

    I am not Bill Hess but keep bashing him, I like to read the threads and learn more why I should be increasing my position.

    I guess I will have to be happy if I can add on more at $1.37, huh?

    Billy give them hell!!

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