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  • ewqrqwr ewqrqwr Nov 30, 2012 9:32 PM Flag

    Problems with Capstone Turbines?

    Someone posted details on problems with Capstone turbines and I can not find that post but thought it was informative. I know on the conf call they discussed warranty issues. Are the warranty issues mostly bearings? Also someone on this board spoke of cold weather issues

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    • Yes the bearings... the rotors melt into the bearings periodically, Mmm they are not sure why. Typically this failure mode happens during burn-in, but also shortly after commisioning - infant mortality. Perhaps if they knew the formulation of the coating on the bearings and had better supplier control, the predictibility and reliability. Totally dependant on single source for the bearings. If that bearing coating facility shuts down, bye bye CPST. Poor Dbandie, keep hanging on to this POS.

    • Like everything else in this world, they had problems with the square wheel but they figured it out. not to worry.

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    • something is wrong... haven't had any profits... does that tell you something... yet these people keep hanging around telling everyone to buy... if they were so smart they would put their money where their mouth is and go away.. Oops, I just stirred up a hornets nest and their coming after me.

    • liar liar oants on fire

    • Someone also posted that you are a CPST basher + short, ewqrqwr. I can't find the post, but I know I saw it.
      How does that work for you, ewqrqwr?

      Try posting something based in fact, and include links or clues to where you are getting your bashing trash from.

      You can't do any of that, because you are a liar - ewqrqwr!

      Are you a Capstone shareholder, ewqrqwr?

      hahahahahaha - now that's funny.

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      • 2 Replies to bklynfuels
      • Not sure what happened to my post earlier...seems to have disappeared.
        The FACTS for the Capstone Turbines issues are in the CAPSTONE QUARTERL REPORT, OCT2012, SECTION 17.
        The management wrote that they have a large C200 and C600 WARRANTY obligation. This is directly affecting profits.
        -- So they are IN FACT having failures of the equipment

        As a 30-year design engineer and manager in the turbine generation and mecanical drive industry, I beleive that they can overcome the engineering issues.
        But, they must commit the proper time and effort (=money) into solving the problems.

        -- Unfortunately, I did not see this plan from the management. I only see,"after warranty" talk, meaning, they wait until the warranty period ends, and the financial obligation goes away. Just wait it out and let the customer suffer with out-of-warranty equipment...not the proper response..
        That type of plan is a Brand-killer (reputation).

        So, the bottom line is, the stock may be a good buy IF the management does try to properly re-design the failing components, whatever they may be.

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      • capstone turbines have registered millions of running hours with no heat, cold,
        indoors and out.. many are finding out about this machine and orders are getting
        stronger all the time..They do not run well under water..but were working on it..

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