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  • straightalker007 straightalker007 May 5, 2014 11:18 PM Flag

    Busy Day For Me Today

    While all of you were busy posting here, I was busy making phone calls to find out some information. I am not motivated to share what I learned today due to the 14 thumbs down I received for my post this morning. Maybe if I receive 14 replies to this post with a brief explanation for each of the thumbs down, I may be more willing to share. I think that I should understand the people I am sharing with a little better. LOL....

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    • you didn't learn poop. pumper

    • I am A technical trader and I want to say one thing to you Thanks for all your honest hard work and insight. Everything you report on this board seems to line up with the technicals. Would love to share trading ideas with you. Not many people like us left.

    • staright talker u r a double talker
      u have no new info

    • I wouldn't be sensitive about the thumbs down. I get so many they have become meaningless. There are some intelligent investors on this board on both sides of the tape.
      Good luck,

    • Straightalker, I've only got one name on this board so can only give you one thumb's up and you got that. I don't pay much attention to which way thumbs are pointing here but I do pay attention to someone who's been trying to figure out what the Hades is going on at Capstone. I figure most of the folks on this MB have no idea but do read the few that I think do. If you have been able to distinguish something in CPST's fog, I'd be mighty appreciative. One thing I'm really curious about is how many more orders have they gotten recently and have not announced? That might be a hint as to why they did "The Dump". Did they do it because they aren't getting enough money to keep working or have they gotten so many sales they need to buy extra materials and pay overtime, the good stuff? Anyhow, I've got a busy day and it's your info at this point. If you want to share, I'm interested. TIA.

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      • Figured the thumbs up was from you Mike

        LOL... I would like to help you out but I need to hear some explanations for those thumbs first. No responses yet that I can see. I will tell you that I did not get an answer to your good stuff question. I did not waste my time with investor relations and went a little higher than that. You can get through with some effort. My approach was to ask questions that were answerable. Sometimes the answers can be helpfull if you take a laid back approach. Happy trading everyone!

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