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  • dpastor_2000 dpastor_2000 Nov 14, 2000 10:50 AM Flag

    Will Aaron be lonely...

    at the CSRE shareholder meeting? Is no one coming?

    BTW, can anyone recommend some good local restaurants? Is there such a thing as Great Lakes Cuisine :)

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    • Oh really, and what did you have?

      A low
      class piece of shit like you could only get in there
      through the back door. You didn't say you used to mop the
      floor and eat the leftovers, Bee.

      Not caught
      yet. Evidence is crucial, as you know, and I am sorry
      to say, there just isn't any that a moron like you
      could find.

    • well, if Johnny Winter passes your local pages it
      is my intent to say what you want.

      intent is fallable, as human nature is, GO and and see
      him. Spelling in regards to the English dictioanry is
      questionable. Fuck the English, they are turds that couldn't
      cook a set of eggs if Marth Stewart, another English
      imposter taught them. Simple, don't buy. Go ask the
      Italians, they know better.

      Anyway, Happy Turkey
      day---it's the best tradition we have, and to our President
      and Chief, Mr. Clinton and his wife Hillary, and
      Chelsea, their daughter.

      Will someone find a buyer
      for my RARE Echoplex?

    • did someone say that Micheal Bloomfield was a slouch?

      ...bzzz call 921.

    • Pass the word that I have an Echoplex to sell.

      I did forget to say that, shame on me.

      STARTING BID IS : $1,000.00

      Am serious now, goosies. Pass it around IOW !

    • Hey B rate, "it's not my own fault" to treat me
      the way you wanna do. The "" you have no idea where
      it comes from. However, in kindness and goodwill go
      to next and nearest purveyor of good music, request
      this: "BB KING Live At the Regal". After you have done
      that do this,
      "Completly Well", by BB

      When you hve listened to at least a thousand and one
      times of either, than ask me a ? , whatever it may

      come on BB give it up, you give love...that I know!
      tHE rest is obscure as a curtain in black.

      upset me babe, but it's forgiven.,..Ahha, ummm, well
      you upset me babe what you do to me, waaaay
      back...Get some yogurt, IMHO.

    • Hey man,

      How about editing what you send
      or better yet, let the wife review your posts before
      you press the [Post Message] button.

      So who is
      this Danny Kortchmar person? I presume he is a
      singer/song writer? Please post a URL so we don't have to
      search the Web to figure out who this guy

      Let the force be with you,


      airbus69, did you get a photo of the Mrs. from Aaron Brown
      - you know, there's no bag like an old

      p.s.2 Did you dicipher any intelligence from Aaron
      Brown's trip report (I wonder if he frequented any Ann
      Arbor bars on my

    • yes as Robben says, don't let ME be
      (he's just an understudy, well almost...)

      virginity, given. Man you gotta give it up some time,
      regardless. When you are horny you are just horny. That's
      that, give it up and let the the cosmos rule your
      thoughts. Who in the hell am I to judge? Feel good, do
      good, and be nice....that's what I think! So

      Well I gotta an Echoplex to sell.


      You can't ask Jimi Hendrix, ' cause he's past tense.
      but you can ask Mr. Joe Walsh what an Echoplex
      is....(Joe is the coolest thing since vanilla ice

      Starting bid is : $1,000.

      (It's the real thang,
      FOR REAL AND i HAVE ONE, as am looking to get a
      National Steel standard, and perhaps a recording

    • ohh my i screwed up ...How? shit man it's
      if you take out the garbage...

      it is -Danny
      Kortchmar-...(MAKE NOTE OF IT) .. I am an a-hole, not the 1st time
      and hardly the last, but must set the the record
      straight...A mis-spell. Do the miller's son

      kick it out
      man, there's a mule in my stall...

      ...come on
      robben do it, you do it just like i know how it should

      peace be with you,

      you'll need

    • Hey sleazeball or should I say

      You caught me! I didn't bother to look at a map this

      Keep up the good work,


      p.s. I've eaten in the Marine Room...

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