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  • Ninht88 Ninht88 Aug 24, 2005 12:14 PM Flag

    suppose to be into RED

    why??? but it will drop tomorrow for sure!!

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    • Since you started by posting a lie, and haven't addressed that issue, your not worth replying to.

      And what you say makes no sense. If I didn't trust anyone, I wouldn't have my money invested in royl and a hundred other stocks.

      The class action suit makes no sense either; the law firm you sited in in PA; Royl doesn't do much business there.

      A class action suit makes little sense as well. Who would sue and for what? Unhappy investors? There aren't that many since the stock has gone up, and the drilling programs have mostly made money. At worst the suits couldn't be for much more than the money lost--which is trivial for most direct investors.

      I can't think of any other class that Royl could have hurt. They don't have any products except gas and oil, and that is mixed in with everyone elses.

      The one advantage of Royl's minimalist press releases--they don't make many claims that the could get sued for. Just a few facts, with some fuzzy positive comments that don't commit to anything.

      The company may loose investors money sometimes, but they do what they say they do.

      I'm a loose to this extent--that I have wasted time replying to you. It isn't for your sake, but the other investors.

      Now post a fact or go away.


    • I Agree!!!!

    • You haven't answered the charge of posting a false story, or even answered it,

      Then you say "Trust ME???!!!!" with no backing?

      An ethinc friend of mine onnce said that trust me translated into his ethinc speach was "F_ you"; excatly what you are trying to do stockholders. Don't believe this unfortunate person. If he had anything to back up his claim besides lies he would have.

      Trying to scare out longs.


    • Why???

      Because most everyone figured out your lawsuit was a phoney.

      You are probably too small for the SEC to bother with, but trying to post false stories about a thinly traded stock, and then profiting from it, would get you in trouble if your caught. Too bad the chances are slim. But you have to live with your own evil self, which is probably punishment enough.

      On the less than 1% chance that I am wrong, please post verifiable evidence that the suit was filed recently. Or on the slightly larger chance you made an honest mistake, please post that. But since you listed yourself as sell and I never saw you post before, your probably trying a scam, possibly with a team. You probably also posted the falsified article.

      Fortunately you only seemed to be able to drive the price down for a day, and will probably loose money yourself anyway. Try this too much and you will get caught.

      Good investing to the honest investors, long or short.


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