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  • gv7405 gv7405 Jun 17, 2008 11:42 PM Flag

    Insider Trading - Is this appropriate?

    Even if this stock is legit, is it appropriate for a Director to be selling $200K of stock that executes during a shareholder meeting. If we did that at my old company, we would have been fired.

    Form 144: Filing to Sell 38597 Shares of Royale Energy Inc (ROYL) 6:29 p.m. 06/17/2008 Provided by Jun 17, 2008 (Vickers Stock Research via COMTEX) -- Document Processing Date: June 17, 2008

    Filer: HOSRNER, STEPHEN M. Relation: Director
    Stock Name: Royale Energy Inc Stock CUSIP: 78074G200
    Stock Symbol: ROYL Exchange: NASDAQ
    Value held: $209967

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    • Any time a stock moves up big your going to see some selling by insiders who want to diversify their holdings so all their assets are not in one thing. Look at every natural gas stock and I bet you will see the same thing.

    • The only thing i can find is a sale of $30,000 worth of share in $15,000 worth of share in the first week of june. the sec website has nothing for the $200,000 plus sales. i guess they over looked filing that with them - they probably thought prision time would be worth $200,000. seeing how this family stills owns around 3 million or about 40% of the outstanding shares, i think will be alright even if this was true.

    • yes your a dumbas if you look at every other company they all have form 4 and becasue u dont LOOK before you type you would see not only everyone filed a form 4 BUT you would see that this guy has sold stock every year at this time. yea he could never sell and have 2million shares but instead he always sells some shares the same time as everyone else in the industry HAL CRZO APO XO HK NGAS and so on.

    • If my time on Wall st serves me correctly, the price is an average of the prior 30 days close. This stock in the month of may was more in the $5 range on average. Look at the 3 month chart before jumping overboard. When your emotions take over your trading, you loose site of the make money. Good luck to all.

    • Either Mr Hosmer forgot how to spell his name or someone at Fidelity should step away from the pipe

      Filer: HOSRNER, STEPHEN M. Relation: Director

    • I understand. He planned an executed $5.90 stock because he needed the cash. He is also surprised that the stock is selling considerably higher than that. So, if you had asked him a couple weeks ago, he thought he had a stock worth less than $6. Wow, I guess I am a dumbass.

    • Planned sale dumb azzz!
      insiders will periodically sell some stock as they need money too!

      quit grabbing for straws!

    • No problem - I was so pissed I thought it was me for about 5 minutes

    • You are absolutely correct. I believe the sale was legal, as the SEC has strict rules. I agree the windows are tight, as I am a restricted insider in my company.

      Maybe I am being a little too hard, but I have a lot of money in this stock. This just looks bad. Insider trades when stocks are volitile are bad.

      Perhaps he couldn't have predicted it, but he had to know the shareholder meeting was two weeks out and had to understand this would "hit" during that timeframe

    • I checked the Edgar Filings. You are a paid basher liar. Hosmer sold stock on 06-03. Nice try douchebag.

      • 3 Replies to tjfacct
      • This guy is Pro ROYL - I checked his posts. I also have validated the fact that this transaction was processed today. I also have a Fidelity account and can see it.

        I'm pretty sure this guy is not a basher - he's pissed - and that is understandable. Nobody should be trading this amount of stock as a Director. He's right, that is just stupid

      • That's what I thought asshole. You won't return my instant message. I am a legit stockhold in ROYL. Are you trying to deny the fact this is poor judgement at best.

      • Check out my messages on this company. They are consistent and all supporting ROYL. I have a full time job and have 7000 shares of this stock.

        Your comment is so stupid it's unbelievable. I am a paid basher. Where in the hell is my check? If anyone is being paid, it is you.

        Check out the facts, he sold $200K of stock that processed today. This is a fact dumbass. Check my posts. Other than the 15 on this topic, every one is pro ROYL

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