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  • wardsown wardsown Feb 7, 2012 11:03 AM Flag


    Is the big move for this stock over? Chart turning negative and Stoxline issued a "Strong Sell" on the stock this morning.

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    • ..........from the "Village Idiot", ROYL pulled another fast one on you clueless, hopeful PUMPERS which have NO CLUE how this company operates! Also you have no clue about corporate/economy and commodity trading and "deals"!
      Remember this a FAMILY OPERATION and you were warned when they started "shelfing" and they might even pull more shares off and release them. They have NO OIL so to speak of and NG profits aren't there, so where is the money coming from to cover their investment and let alone drilling money. They are lucky now if they can pay the taxes on the waste land!!!
      Like clock work in the last 16 years always on Fridays or long weekends they pull the fast one after markets close.
      1. The Family comes first.
      2. The banks and lenders/brokers next.
      3. Then the lawyers.
      4. Then the "business friends" and drilling partners.
      5. There are then the private drilling/development investors.
      6. ALL misc. and then finally the share holders! (Learn anything?)
      (You can take all you "head and shoulders", "cups and handles", charts, hammers and data projections and stick it, because this FAMILY marches to a different drummer!)
      Had a great walk in the sunny park and screw the market!

    • Withing 3 cents of the strong support line mentioned earlier. Plus even better--TIS THE SEASON TO BE IN SMALL CAP DRILLERS...And with the potential mideast situation...Up we go either way, it's just how high we go.

    • you made money once 4 years ago?????? ,,dang your funny, you could have made 3 times that if you werent so hard headed ,and dead set on waiting for this huge pull back that has been comming everyday for a year now

    • lol ,you are beyond funny, i will say you have kahoonas showing your face on here , after being absolutly wrong on every call for the last 6 months

    • then goo back about 4 years, when you didn't even know about ROYL, ROOKIE and see my 96K+ profit of 10000 shares. I don't putz like you with 1K or so!
      I bet you didn't know usarco then either, who knows my trades back to 1995/6 and he can attest to it!!!
      Now get lost you CLOWN

    • again a perfect call from our village idiot (mr ,rodent),are we at 3 yet ,lol,you went from saying pull back to the 2's to pull back to the 3's soon you will be saying a pull back to the 4's ,you never cease to amze me at how wrong you always are

    • i absolutly agree with technicals ,but you also have to use fab ,money flow and moving averages ,along with supportand resistance numbers

    • you aint made a dime ,everyone on here knows you miss every run up ,bashing sinse 2.80 , to come on here and say you have made money is a joke, and this pull back was a typical almost perfect .61 fab pull back,from the gains just made , expected by almost everyone , after praching 2's and now 3' ,your making a fool of yourself

    • gotta...,
      Really not worthy of reply, but I have made over 200K on this stock since I have been following, trading it since 1996, how about you BIG MOUTH???
      See where the trash is heading, (check the chart)it does it like clock work, over and over!!!
      THE DONKEY $ CARROT RUNS and you are just another clueless DONKEY!!! (Down again, on an up day - get ready for the $3s)

    • More downside to come...

      • 2 Replies to zaracad9
      • great call, duh ,you are one of the best contrairian indicators ever, wow how far off could one person get ,i really am laughing out loud

      • NG Pricing still below needed value to lift those stocks and the following has to happen:
        1. Shut in production as CHK already did, but Exxon the largest producer is not doing it.
        2. Change in weather pattern, per forecasts Not going to happen, with warmer month ahead.
        3. Compression to LNG and shipping overseas to deplete supply.
        4. More pulling of drilling rigs and drilling for oil instead, already happen, about 28.
        5. Stop new drilling for NG and fracking.
        We still have no snow here and today/nite, 9F was the coldest of the winter season, but still way above normal and getting back to the 40sF next week again.
        ROYL will decline further since their income depends on NG, not oil!!!
        The national consumer NG savings showed a decrease of about 20% in their billings, which means billions for the "gassers"!
        Good trading,
        Temp: 19.8F with 13mph cold N-wind, blue sky! (No winter sports, ice carvings, pond hockey, ice fishing, dog sled races etc. what normally happen this season here. BIG cost savings for municipalities for salting/sanding and plowing and on over time for the unions!) ;o)
        The first winter sports businesses/resorts already trying to stay out of BK, no snow mobiles/sleds/skies sold, investment of contractors in snow removal not paying off!
        Gasoline: $3.49 here, across the border $3.35, $3.29 with my discount card.

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