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  • bravesfan227 bravesfan227 Feb 24, 2012 7:38 PM Flag

    Boy was this a huge over reaction

    It will dump big next week. That land won't bring revenues for years.

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    • No you are wrong, it is more value for them to hold and sell later to Major OIL, because of the long term their acreage will still have every bbl of oil and value goes up.

      Another thing is it is so costly to produce oil north of Artic Circle per bbl basis. And only big oil with cash on hand can afford to spend the money for minimal return profits. Small company has to borrow billion dollars to develope North Slope Crude. Been there and done it in mid 70's so experienc is worth big bucks to be in the know....

      I have no idea how much this is worth to ROYL but it is good buy and great investment to market later...My suggestion is take some profit before the analyst go to work like buzzards on new born goat...

    • looks like ROYL ripped you wide open, eh boy? brilliant move not covering your short position. LMAO!!!! yeah, it was a much better idea to lose your @ss and then post mindless drivel on a message board in a weak attempt to gain some pathetic sympathy from the "too-short-for too-long club". smart investing strategy! LMAO!!!!

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