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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jan 24, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    Royale is the worst co. I have ever seen to still be above 2 bucks a share

    Royale truely is an amazing company. They have not made in any money on production sales in years. They have no reserves only hype which they have lived on for the last 5 years.

    Production down 70% over last year as the Cal. wells play out. Only the Alaska rabbit in the hat is keeping this stock alive. There only hope of ever making a E&P co with value of even 2 bucks a share is to hit a well in Alaska. I guess that is what folks are hoping for when they pay what they are paying for this sock. I have seen this show before in Utah and it was a TOTAL BUST.

    The only way they can afford to drill in Alaska is to get a partner or sell those drilling programs.
    25% of their revenue last quarter came from drilling programs and that was down over 70% as well.
    I guess the return on the drilling programs have not been great either?

    USAR used to be on here totting Royle and his investments in drilling programs so I guess he would know how those went for him.

    If royle drops below a buck I might gamble since they always seem to find a way to hype the price of the stock. Pretty old hat they are finding those rabbits in and all the rabitts just may be gone?
    No wait Alaska is calling get your check book out and ride the Royle ride to fame, riches and HOPE.

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    • It should be trading at $-.30 cents, so I'll buy shares at $1.40 ... then sell it at $3.50. As you know, I am a finance guy and a Sox Auditor. In my opinion, this is a corrupts stock that is making a small group of people a lot of money on nothing but PRs.

      I'd like to perform a forensic analysis on the stock trades, and then see if they can be linked back to whoever is behind this scheme. I ate beans this evening, and I can tell you I think my personal mmcf's surpassed the amount ROYL produces in a quarter...

    • Hi Roger. Good to see you bashing again. Hope everything is going well for you.
      Good investing to you and i truly wisdh you the best.

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      • USAR thanks and I hope all is well with you. Just because we disagree on the value of Royl does not mean we cant be civil to each other and wish the best.

        We have indeed posted against each other opinion in the past and I respect the fact that you have managed to make some money on Royl drilling programs. I ask in all sincerity what do you see about Royl today that gives you hope? Utah has been a bust has it not?
        Cal has been the only success and from what I see they have all but run out of places to drill there and the production of the old succesful wells has as expected declined a great deal.
        That leaves what? Do you think Alaska has a future for Royl? Are you lining up to invest in drilling programs with them in Alaska?

        To me bashing and hyping is more than being down on a stock or up on it. Both are post that are without a fact to support the position the post takes. I have nothing invested in Royl at this time so I have no reason to Bash it. If you think I am being unfair to the stock then please make the case for why at today price it is a good buy. I am always looking for a good stock to buy.

        Best to you

    • This company is a true disgrace. They have abandoned their drilling investors in Utah with unfinished wells and pipelines.Now they are spending their money on speculative leases on the North Slope. No wonder their drilling partnership sales were down 70% year over year.
      Honestly I don't see how they can show their faces at the Money Club Show lunches
      and Agora Oxford Society meetings.
      The wells they have drilled in California have declined steeply and they are not drilling any new ones.
      I agree with Rogere 1946 . How do they do it? They keep hyping the company with a new area that
      never quite works out. Utah is a perfect example - they hyped it up to the drilling partners and
      the stockholders.
      Karma will catch up with them eventually catch up with them for abandoning the Utah Investors.
      But that may take a while .... from the looks of this message blog ... they have a whole new group
      of SUCKERS for ALASKA

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • It definitely is a hype king. The company will spend mucho dinero drilling rocks in Alaska. They will find gold before oil, if we could onlybe so lucky.

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      • the hype KING would be the guy who gave this stock a target of 14.91 $ ??????
        their land package in Alaska is great , but " they will find gold before oil"
        .. i may sell and buy more NZERF, last update said some really great things , IF it can be believed ?? Im holding my LNCYF......
        no one here in west texas thought Cline Shale would ever be profitable..
        Big Lake was 1,500 people : last week 10,000 , from san angelo paper...

    • wow, the very worst stock ever above 2 bucks a share? sounds like a pretty exclusive category, must have been an exhaustive search you conducted.

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