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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Feb 8, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    "petroleum news/vol 17/no. 9/great bear test of concept nears first target for core at alcor well

    above is the google search leading to the above captioned article on great bear alaskan acreage adjoining the royale energy alaskan acreage..........article published july 15, 2012. in article,,, great bear said it wanted to complete two vertical wells and two horozontal wells at the
    Alcor and Merak alaskan sites..............\

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    • I took the liberty of asking a Calgary petroleum engineer what he thought of Great Bear’s sudden and unexpected halt to the drilling season. Need-less-to-say he raises some serious questions about the play:

      “ I read about the Great Bear delay and it does not sound right. Why would you wait for the core results from the lab to test the wells? (Ed Duncan) said the cores looked great and didn't give any further information a few months back. I thought that was odd.
      If I was Great Bear I would be very eager to flow test the well while the rig was on the hole. They can get a lot of information which will complement the lab results from the core. You will notice that Husky is doing a drop off test (in the Central MacKenzie Valley – NWT). This is cheap. They inject a little bit of fluid and measure how the pressures drops. They can also flow test the well and get an idea of the hydrocarbon composition: gas, water and oil and the rates. They can then leave pressure recorders in the hole and allow the pressure to build up. From this data they can get a bunch of information. All of the above is relatively inexpensive.
      As I said, it doesn't smell right??? However, Great Bear is not public and who knows what they are doing.”

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    • they were supposed to determine the production characteristics of the North Slope source rocks that they had identified/targeted. core samples were to have been taken and send to the lab for such analysis. anyone know updates as to lab analysis ???

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